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General Information

Real Money Casino Canada is a review site that focuses on the gambling industry in Canada, pointing readers to the best sites and providing as much advice and tips as we can to help our readers get more from their bets. Real Money Casino Canada is a content site first and foremost, so there is no reason for us to ask for your personal or financial information. Our affiliates might, however, so if such a request is made then you can rest assure that you are not on the Real Money Casino Canada site anymore.


There may be a few occasions in which we ask for your personal information, but these are rare and on the occasion that we do it’s only so we can personalize responses to questions, send newsletters, run competitions and more. We also use analytical information provided by Google, but this is standard across the board and the information does not extend to detailed personal information, geo-location data or IP addresses. If you would like to read more about our policies regarding the privacy of our readers, visit our Privacy Policy.

All of the content on the Real Money Casino Canada has been created exclusively for Real Money Casino Canada. This includes written content, logos, images and anything else that you find on the site. In some cases we may use public domain images, but as far as the written content goes, everything is unique to Real Money Casino Canada and is therefore copyrighted by Real Money Casino Canada.

We take plagiarism seriously and understand that an individual’s work should be treated with respect. We do not, therefore, steal the work of others, and we ask that our readers pay us the same respect. In the event that any work is taken from Real Money Casino Canada and used elsewhere, we may take legal action against the party involved. This includes, but is not limited to:

i: Written Content. The articles and other written content is ours and ours alone. It can not be used in any shape or form without our express permission, this applies whether you use the work directly, whether you quote from large parts of it or whether you disguise the plagiarism by editing or rewriting it.

ii: Images. If not from the public domain, all images on Real Money Casino Canada have been created for us and us alone. These may not be reused without our permission, which includes direct use and the use of manipulated images.

iii: Logos. As is the case with most images on Real Money Casino Canada, our logos have been created for us and for the Real Money Casino Canada brand. These may not be used without our permission.

On occasion we may agree to let you use our content, providing that you cite us as a source and that you ask for our permission beforehand. We like to think that we are reasonable in such circumstances, so please do ask us if you want to use any of the content on the Real Money Casino Canada website for your own means.


Real Money Casino Canada is a free site. This means that we don’t charge our readers at any point, nor do we offer any products or services for sale. As a premier review site we do our best to provide as much information as we can for free, but this site costs a lot of money to maintain and we cover those costs by affiliating with a number of companies. We put links to these companies on our website and they pay us for every impression, click or lead that we generate, depending on the affiliate and the deal that we have with them.

We ensure that we only affiliate with honest, safe and secure websites, as well as ones that we use ourselves. Despite this, we do not have any access to these sites or any say in how they are run, so once a reader leaves the Real Money Casino Canada site for one of these sites then we have no control over them and no guarantee over their safety. We can therefore accept no responsibility for what happens once they leave this site for one of our affiliates.


We reserve the right to change these terms at any time. If these changes are major then we will strive to inform our readers as best we can. However, if the changes are minor, or if we are unable to get in touch with our readers, then no such efforts will be made. By continuing to use this site after these changes then you are automatically agreeing to them, if you do not agree to the changes then please close the Real Money Casino Canada website down.


Real Money Casino Canada is a gambling site, developed by gamblers for gamblers. This site should not be used by people under the legal gambling age. It is for responsible adults only, those who understand the risk involved with gambling and those who can afford to face the consequences of their own actions. We do our best to provide tips, but nothing is certain and by the very nature of gambling there is a huge risk involved. We do not condone excessive gambling and advise those that already have gambling problems to seek help before using this site.


At Real Money Casino Canada we do our best to ensure that the information we provide is up to date and accurate. With so much content being added to the site on a daily basis though, it is difficult to make sure that this applies to everything that we upload. There may be some instances where the information we provide is not correct, but be assured that this is not intentional.