Real Money French Roulette in Canada

The oldest, and one of the most popular forms of roulette, French Roulette has a number of benefits that you can’t find on other variants, making this by far the best choice when it comes to this high-stakes game of chance. But what are the best ways to play and beat this game?

How to Play and Types of Games

There are many different versions of roulette, but rule changes are not as common in this game as they are in games like blackjack. In fact there are only a handful of main variants, and they are all more or less the same, with additional numbers and zeros on some, and slight payment changes on others. Of all of the main variants French Roulette is the one that has the lowest house edge and is therefore the preferred game for many players, but in cities like Reno, Las Vegas and Atlantic City, you may only be able to find American Roulette.

Of course, if you go online then there are many more games to choose from and on sites like Royal Vegas Casino you’ll even find games like Multi-hand Roulette, which only really works in the online setting.

Rules and Regulation

You can’t beat the game of roulette like you can beat the game of blackjack. However, you can use strict bankrolling to ensure that you don’t lose more than you can afford to lose and that you don’t let your frustrations get the better of you when you start losing. After all, this is how gambling addicts are created, and that’s a dangerous path for anyone to go down.

When it comes to online play you should also seek out the casino that offers the biggest bonuses, letting you play with free money to begin with. Loyalty bonuses and other promotions are also worth looking out for. Royal Vegas Casino, for instance, has a large new member bonus and a loyalty scheme, and it is also part of the Fortune Lounge Group, which offers a glut of extra promotions to all members.

Tips and Strategy

French Roulette may be a better variant than other forms of roulette and you are making a good choice by picking this game over those others, but ti is still game of luck, and one that is impossible to beat. However, you can try to tip the scales of fortune in your favour, choosing only the bets that offer the highest chances of winning and applying proper bankroll strategy. In the case of online roulette the best thing you can do is sign up to a casino that offers a large new member bonus, effectively playing for free and earning as you do so.

As mentioned above, Royal Vegas Casino is a great example of this. As well as offering up to $1,200 to all new members, they also have a loyalty scheme, regular promotions and more. The best way of spending this bonus is to place big bets on small odds, because that way your chances of getting a return, which will come in the form of real money, are odds-on.


French for “Little Wheel”, roulette was first played in France hundreds of years ago. Las Vegas is often said to be the home of gambling and the UK also has a strong history when it comes to gambling, but the truth is that many of the world’s most popular gambling games — roulette, blackjack and modern playing cards included — were actually invented in France.

The game of roulette was pretty straightforward throughout its early history, but as soon as it spread across Europe and then across the world, the rules began to be tweaked. The main reason behind this, especially in the case of American Roulette, was to tweak the house edge in favour of the casino. The differences may be slight, but by adding an extra number, taking away a payment that is beneficial to the player and removing a zero, they created a variant that looked the same on the surface and even looked like it offered a little more, but actually served to boost the casino’s income.

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