Real Money American Roulette Online

Popular in the casinos of Las Vegas, Reno and Atlantic City, American Roulette tweaks the rules of this historic game and gives them a unique US touch, but are these changes beneficial to the player or just the casino, what are the best strategies for playing and beating this game and where are the best places to play it?

How to Play and Types of Games

There are many different variants of roulette, all with slight differences. These differences don’t have a huge effect on the gameplay, but they do have an effect on the house edge. French Roulette is generally considered to be the one that has the lowest house edge, while American Roulette is the one that has the highest. These games are available both online and offline, but there are also other games available on online casinos. These include Multi-hand Roulette, which lets you bet on a number of wheels at once and is ideal for gamblers looking to speed things up a little.

As far as the gameplay goes, roulette is very easy to play regardless of which variant you choose. The wheel is controlled by the house and your goal is simply to bet on where the ball will land in that wheel, choosing everything from single numbers, which return by far the biggest odds; multiple numbers, which you can bet on by placing your bets on the lines between the numbers; and groups, whereby you bet on everything from Black/Red to Odd/Even.

Rules and Regulation

There are 38 numbers on an American Roulette wheel, one more than what you will find on a French Roulette wheel. The odds, the betting and most of the other rules are the same, and the differences that do exist are minor. Of course, American Roulette has one of the highest house edges of any roulette variant, but it is still very popular regardless of this.

If you want to play legal roulette in Canada then you need to find a licensed premises, such as a casino. This is not the sort of game you will find outside a casino, so playing a quick game outside of that environment is not easy. However, it is widely available online and we have yet to find an online casino that doesn’t have at least one variant. On sites like Royal Vegas Casino, which has a large number of Canadian players, you can actually find half a dozen different roulette variants, including American Roulette.

Tips and Strategy

Roulette is all about luck, so there are no ways to beat this game that won’t get you thrown out of the casino or even locked in a jail cell. However, you can employ sensible betting strategies to ensure you limit your losses, that your gambling doesn’t get out of hand and that you take advantage of every opportunity sent your way.

With online casinos you should also look for big bonuses, because if you scoop one of these as soon as you join then you can effectively play for free, pocketing all profits you make and ensuring there is absolutely no risk. The biggest bonuses are on the best casinos, with sites like Royal Vegas Casino offering as much as $1,200 to all new members.


The name “Roulette” comes from the French for “Little Wheel”, and it is in France where the game originated. However, in those early days the variant played was not American Roulette and bore closer similarities to French Roulette. As the game spread across Europe, other variants took hold, including European Roulette, which had some very slight differences to the French version of the game.

Only when this game arrived in the United States, accepted into the country’s biggest gambling cities, including Las Vegas and Reno, did they tweak the rules. Why they did this is not altogether clear, but it is likely that they realised their visitors wouldn’t understand the game and wouldn’t have played it before, meaning they had the perfect opportunity to shift the rules in their favour without anyone knowing the difference. Even after that, American Roulette still flourished, providing a huge boost to the gambling economy of the US and helping this city to grow into the glittering, gambler’s paradise that it is today.

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