3 Card Poker Action in Canada for Money

Three Card Poker is a unique poker variant, one that is played in a one-on-one format against the house, as opposed to the player vs player tournaments you will find in other poker variants. As the name suggests, there are only three cards used in this variant and, as is the case with other games of poker, this is one that can be beaten with the right strategy and the right knowledge, both of which we’ll look at in this article.

How to Play and Types of Games

Three Card Poker, unlike blackjack, is the same wherever you play it. There are a few tweaks that can be made, but these are minor and anyone who understands the basic rules will understand the tweaked ones. In Three Card Poker the player plays against the dealer, both of whom are dealt three cards. After that two bets are made by both players, but the dealer has to “qualify” for the hand to continue, which means they need at least a queen high. If they do not get this, one pot goes to the player and the other rolls-over. The player does not have to qualify.

Rules and Regulation

Three Card Poker is not a game you will find outside of the casino, so in terms of legality, you can be assured that if you’re playing this game, whether online or offline, then you’re probably okay. This is because all land-based casinos in Australia are regulated and licensed by the sate, whereas all online casinos are regulated overseas and are legal for Aussie players.

As far as the rules are concerned, the only thing you need to concern yourself with is casino etiquette, which only applies to offline play and not to the online environment. Much of this is common sense, such as not being abusive to the dealer, tipping on occasion and not getting too drunk.

Tips and Strategy

When it comes to Three Card Poker you have to consider that the house edge is marginal, which means that it only takes a little luck or skill to turn the tables and to bring in a regular profit. The first thing you should look to do is bankroll effectively, after which you should try and find the best perks in offline casinos and the best bonuses in online casinos. Not only will these perks and bonuses generate cash back, prizes and more for regular play, but they will also give you free cash to begin with (in the case of online casinos). There are many great online casinos out there, including Royal Vegas Casino, which offers as much as $1,200 to all new members.

In Three Card Poker it is also key to understand that the dealer needs to qualify, whereas you do not. So, you will win many more ante bets than they do, but this is not where your focus should be, as the money is in the other bet.


The earliest beginnings of the game of poker are hotly debated, with some suggesting that the game was influenced by a 16th century Persian game, before spreading into Europe. The one thing we can be certain about is that the game of poker was truly born when it reached the United States, because even before the rise of Reno and Las Vegas this was a hugely popular card game.

Three Card Poker, on the other hand, is a relatively new game and one that may have not even come from poker. It bares a closer resemblance to the British game Three Card Brag than to any poker variant, and there are also those who believe that Three Card Poker can be traced back to Three Card Monty, best known as the game played by street hustlers against unsuspecting tourists.

Three Card Poker was a late bloomer and it didn’t become popular in offline casinos until the late 1980s, before making it into the biggest online casinos by the late 1990s. These days it is a common feature in both of these settings, although its popularity is still someway short of poker variants like Texas Hold’em.

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