Is Visa an Accepted Payment Method at Casinos?

Choosing the right payment method in accordance with the right casino can be tricky. Each casino has a differentiating policy structure and overall relationship with financial institutions across the globe due to banking rules, local laws and various financial considerations. Many times casinos will support one type of payment method one week but then announce this method is cancelled the following, leaving the casino player in confusion. In this article we aim to clear up discrepancies surrounding Visa debit and credit card policies in the online gambling world in order to help casino players determine what casino is best for them and whether Visa is your best option.

Credit and Debit – Does it Matter for Withdraw?

There are two primary casinos that accept Visa – Royal Vegas and Spin Palace – and there are two differentiating methods that Visa is used at these platforms – deposits and withdraws. On the deposit side both casinos operate the same. Players can choose to fund a casino game either with a credit card or debit card in which the card is directly charged for the casinos services. Typically, this charge will appear on your banking statement as “Royal Vegas” or “Spin Palace” and will not label in detail what the specifics are of the transaction just like most purchases. Players can do this for as much as they want provided they meet the minimum or maximum deposit amounts assigned to each casino, and do not have to worry about their credit getting affected. In fact, if you use a credit card you may even earn points since some banks credit certain amounts of points for each transaction conducted.

Where things get a little bit more tricky is on the withdraw side. Credit card users usually only receive funding to their card if a transaction has been refunded, as that was the primary payment method used. With online casinos, however, they do not refund any credit for casino earnings since these are considered winnings. Therefore, players at need to provide alternative banking information such as a checking account number or a debit card number in which the money can go into. If you have a credit card then this means you have a checking account, so basically you receive winnings into that account like when you receive a paycheck but then use a credit card for making your purchases. The logic is the same.

This rule applies to both Spin Palace and Royal Vegas, which we clarified with their customer support recently in order to make sure that our own experience wasn’t something rare or unique. Both of these casinos are trusted brands that allocate payment 1-3 days after a payer wants to cash out. The differentiating time is because of variation in time differences and because bank wires to checking accounts take slightly longer than they do with e-payments.

Prepaid Cards

Casino players can use a prepaid debit card or credit card from Visa at one of these casinos. At Spin Palace customer service recently told us that they had changed their policies on allocating cash outs back to the prepaid cards back to longer accepting the payment form for withdraw due to credit limitations. The limitations affected the amount players could receive at a single time and also caused issues if players continued to win money. Royal Vegas on the other hand said it currently refunds all earnings from a casino winning to players but that they need to get verification from Visa to allow extra credit to pass through. Most prepaid credit cards have $2,000 limitations so if a player won $10,000 then he will need to ask for an $8,000 extension. From what the casino told us certain players are granted this extension based on their banking history while others are rejected.

If you are rejected from a prepaid card there is no reason to fret, as this does not mean you do not receive the winnings. You simply will need to provide your alternative banking information, and it is best to let your bank know ahead of time so that they do not hold the credit from being added into your account. Winnings from these casinos are not subject to tax according to Canadian laws, and this also applies to other nations such as Australia. Players therefore do not need to worry over these amounts entering your bank account since they are wired from regulated brands and not suspicious platforms that will get the attention from authorities.


Our experience with Visa has been positive. Our debit and credit cards happen to all be Visa, and we use credit cards for depositing so that the amount works towards creating good credit while claiming our winnings through our checking account. Doing this in such a way is safe and is one of the most direct ways to get access to your money.

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