Commonly Asked Questions to Gambling Experts about Blackjack

Whether you are playing blackjack at an online casino or at a land-based hall there are some premises you need to know about blackjack that will help you understand how to have better luck at the game. In this article we will take a look at those premises by answering some of the most commonly asked questions given to gambling experts in hope that you can become a better 21 player.


How is the casino’s mathematical advantage determined in blackjack?


The casino gets its advantage because the player has to act first. Additionally, computers simulate all the possible ways a player could potentially win based off all the different card combinations that could occur at a given moment assuming the player has correct strategy. Depending on the strategy used by the player the house edge typically falls between 0.25-2%.


Are single-deck games better for the player?


Typically the fewer the number of decks the better the odds are for the player. Casinos know this however and are trying to get players to engage in games that only pay 6:5. Players are better off with 8 decks at 3:2 than this scenario and overall one deck that pays 3:2 is ideal.


What is a continuous shuffler?


This device was created in order to help dealers save time in shuffling every time they reach the cut card. After a dealer has distributed all the cards they will collect them and put them inside this machine. Up to five decks of cards can be placed inside. The machine randomly shuffles the cards and there is no way for it to cheat the player nor does it create better odds for the house. Casinos use these in order to help the dealer save time, which can result in increased playing for both the house and player.


Does a player have a better chance using a progressive betting system?


The most common form is called the Martingale betting system, which is when players lose a certain amount and then double it the next time to win back their money. The problem with this scenario is that even if you eventually catch up by winning on a $16 bet from a previous $8 bet you still wouldn’t have made up for the amount of money lost prior to the $8. Therefore, this is not a good system to follow, especially for long-term blackjack playing.


How can someone be a successful long-term blackjack player?


You need to learn how to count cards. Otherwise, decks left with aces and 10s favor the player while smaller cards left over favor the dealer. When the deck is rich in good cards the player should bet more and adjust strategy to hit less and double more.


Does positioning at a blackjack table make a difference?


There is no increase in luck if someone sits at a “third-base” position or if they are first to get cards. The odds are all the same. Many players believe the last person or the first person to play in a multi-player game is at an advantage but this is statistically not true. Also, bad players at the table do not cause good players to lose, as it only matters the skill of the player in relation to the cards distributed from the house. Full tables meanwhile mean fewer losses since there is a higher probability of a “bad deck” being distributed to other players.


Additional Advice


Always avoid insurance from the house because it has a 7% advantage over players. Make sure to seek out games with good rules, 3:2, double deck, and dealers that stand on a soft 17. Overall, set a budget for your playing and avoid switching between tables frequently, as mathematically speaking your chances of winning will not increase.

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