Alternative Theories on Online Casino Number Generators

We all have heard that casinos at land-based establishments across the US and Canada are required by law to meet at least 80% payout percentages. In the online world it is no different and in fact most casino providers such as Spin Palace advertise they offer higher than 96-97% percentages, making them one of the highest paying platforms on the web. But how do these payouts operate in relation to individual players and their chances of winning? Below are some theories that discuss how number generators operate and determine paybacks for a casino, and if there are certain factors determining when the payback occurs.

There are three basic theories when it comes to trying to understand random number generators and how they work. We should note that while casinos online do report there official payout percentages they are not obligated to share how their algorithms work, but most likely they are formatted around one of or more of the following factors: Revenue earned by game; revenue earned by the entire casino over a certain period; or revenue based on a certain amount.

Per game

Revenue earned and paid back to players in a certain game is a major belief many casino players hold. Lets take slots for example. Within a give casino’s slots revenues, the casino is expected to pay back 90% or whatever the total may be back to players. Therefore, if $10,000 were paid into the system slots category within a given period, which could be anytime of the day, week or month depending on the amount need to be reached before generating paybacks, $9,000 would be paid back in slots offerings. This does not mean the individual is entitled to at east 90% of their earnings back, although it is widely believed the algorithm may be set up this way for each individual at each game depending on the reels and coins chosen, and instead most likely means that 90% of the total revenues raked in from players across all slots will be given back. This would explain why players are eligible for wining huge jackpots well beyond what they deposited, as they would be wining paybacks accumulated from other players as well. We believe for machine games this is true due to their connection to an overall server that is mass generated from an intertwined generator.

Per casino

This theory proposes casinos distribute payback percentages not based on game but instead overall revenues generated from all games. Whether it is blackjack, roulette or slots, the casinos determine on a daily basis the amount being generated and issue a payback randomly to a certain game or games. This means no machine or game in particular would have an advantage for winning a larger amount than the other, thus decreasing superstition over beliefs that one type holds a larger chance o winning a jackpot over the other. Skeptics believe, however, this theory is flawed unless the casino has real-time reports of all earnings, which may be difficult to achieve for table games since they change in results quickly, do not have random number generators and are most likely not calculated in terms of profits until the a certain point of each day or week.

Per a certain amount

This belief revolves around the premise that casinos do not start paying out until a cetin profit margin has been met. This means the 90% payout may not necessarily be based on revenues but it is difficult to infer whether the profit margin needs to come from a certain game or the casino’s overall margin.


These three aspects may in fact all coexist but at different times or levels depending on the kind of game and amount deposited. Betting into higher stake games could potentially trigger the algorithm to pay back higher if it helps meet the game’s or the casino’s overall expected quota but this is uncertain. For the same reasons, players cannot be guaranteed that playing a certain slots game over and over will guarantee a higher chance of winning.

The one area where even if there is an algorithm it appears not to have an effect on the result of the game is roulette. Since players are simply guessing on the number and color the chances of them choosing correctly are the same regardless if there is a fixed result. In terms of blackjack there is a fixed algorithm in the way cards are placed, which is why card counting is forbidden, so this is a factor.

Gambling is a game of chance and it is best to view it as a form of entertainment rather than trying to elaborate on sneaky methods aimed at trying to beat the system. There are theories that state in terms of the online world, using a multitude of devices and payment methods can change the the outcome for players but this is all speculation. We think approaching the games from an entertainment standpoint is your best bet and if you win, call it a lucky draw.

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