Real Money Bingo

Although not considered a traditional casino game, more and more casino vendors online are now adding new fun and interactive games to their lineups that can be played for real money. Previously, online casinos were at large limited to games such as blackjack and roulette but since 2014 that has largely changed due to ongoing consumer demand to bring other games traditionally played at gambling halls or bingo halls to the online world where payouts are generous and the experience personalized.

One of these leading online vendors now includes Royal Vegas, which as of mid 2015 updated its site not only in design but also in the variety of games it offers. Under the “Casual Games” section on the site there are now 6 main types of bingo games out of the overall 18 games to choose from. Having gone through all the games ourselves, lets take a look at the different types and see which ones capture your interest. We will also provide our own recommendation, and give you a bit of a background on Royal Vegas to help you make the best decision for choosing the right platform for playing Real Money Bingo.


This game combines bingo and roulette. The setup looks like a roulette machine but combines colorful balls that are rolled out from a bingo machine onto the roulette platform in which they spin. You then get to bet on combinations of colors and numbers that will fall both on bingo cards and in the roulette portion, with each bet increasing the jackpot respectively. This game is easy to follow, typically pays out well, and is considered a bit revolutionary in its creation of a new form of bingo gambling.

Super Bonus Bingo

This is a traditional bingo setup with multiple card options and wining probabilities. Choose how you think you will win (i.e. sideways, up and down etc.) and from what types of numbers to increase the jackpot amount. Bonuses on this game as the name implies and credit amount can either decrease or increase suddenly depending on your luck. For the quickest possible results this game may be your best bet.

Electro Bingo

This looks a bit like a pinball machine and is 4-card layouts in which you get to choose a variety of ways you anticipate winning sort of like slots. The stakes can be high depending on how many bets you place and the amount of combinations you bet on winning. This is a safe game that is neither high risk nor eats away your credits fast, making it a good medium for players that want something a bit more balance.

Samba Bingo and Mayan Bingo

These are both traditional games that vary mostly in their music, presentation and style. Both are interactive and fun, offer free bets and can be played for long periods without feeling tedious.

Ballistic Bingo

This game is played exactly as the name suggests – at a fast pace and with higher risk/payout. Featuring up to as many as 8 cards at a time, there is turbo option to speed up the rate at which the balls are shuffled and drawn. Players can keep track of their statistics through a built-in monitor at the top right-hand portion of the screen and see what types of cards and ball options are giving them the highest payouts. This is a fast-paced game for players who want a bit more excitement and bigger risk for their bingo playing.

Choosing your game

For us we typically switched between Super Bonus Bingo and Ballistic Bingo probably due to our need for something more exciting and thrilling. We certainly didn’t mind the more traditional games but nevertheless found ourselves drawn to something faster paced. Once in a while it was nice to switch to the Spingo section for variety to switch things up and diversify our winnings.

About Royal Vegas

Established in 2001, Royal Vegas is internationally recognized from the Malta Gaming Authority, which oversees and regulates all licensed online casino providers. As a member of the Fortune Lounge Group, this casino brand is trusted, secure and offers a payout over 97%, making it one of the top casinos globally. Accepted players include those from Canada, Australia and UK. US citizens currently cannot access the platform.

Players can deposit and withdraw with MasterCard, Visa, Skrill, Neteller, PaySafeCard and Eco. In terms of compatibility, Royal Vegas suits all devices including mobile, PC and Mac in addition to Windows, Linux and OSX systems.

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