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A device that was once the pioneer of Apple’s business model, pushing forth the company’s transparency in the market and later feeding one of its most profitable segments known as iTunes, the iPod was quickly thought to fade out of the market due to the rise of smartphones such as the iPhone back when they hit markets in 2005-2006. The iPhone was immediately seen as an advanced iPod that could also make phone calls and be connected wherever there was a WiFi or Internet connection, bringing forth an immediate shift in consumer purchasing for Apple devices as well as other smart devices around the globe.


The iPod actually did not falter as much as people may have assumed. While sales did peak at around 25 million in 2009, for the most they were at around 15-20 million units a year throughout 2006-2013 but have since dropped to less than 10 million in 2014, according to statistics. While this does show the device fading from the market, it nevertheless was not annihilated over night and still has a niche for music lovers and gamers ranging from young ages to adults who either want an alternative or cheaper version of an iPhone-like device to serve their gambling purposes.


In Canada, sales of the iPod follow this trend, particularly as it adopted built-in Wifi and Bluetooth. The device is used mostly as a gaming device due to its powerful graphics, Retina display and high RAM capacity, that puts other gaming devices to shame. Mobile gamblers meanwhile picked up on this and decided to invest in the device as an alternative option to their mobile phone or gaming device. Sales have remained weak across the globe but nevertheless were revived to the point of the device disappearing from the market as many market observers speculated.


Gaming such as online casinos can only be accessed on iPod Touch, which currently uses an A8 chip, 64-bit architecture, advanced battery power and a built-in camera just like iPhone in case you want to connect with people during gaming. Online casinos, however, cannot be accessed to the iPod Nano, which only has specific apps built in for music, photos and videos or the iPod Shuffle, which is specifically aimed at for music.


In the future it will be difficult to tell how far the iPod will go in the gambling industry or in the market in general. The device is being pushed down due to demand for smartphones. There is always a niche for older generations who want to listen to music and have no need for a smartphone but those generations are being pushed out by tech savvy generations who even at elder ages will use mobile technology. Even kids are now getting equipped with smartphones an require more updated technology at the primary school level. However, since the iPod is a fraction of the price of iPhone and performs every function except make phone calls there still may be hope for the device.


We recommend you equip yourself with an iPod Touch so that you can keep your gaming separated form your personal phone calls and temptations to constantly open your email and take a peak. When wanting to access a casino game from a recommended platform such as Royal Vegas you want to be focused on the game, as there is really money on the line. You wouldn’t want to be trading stocks or dealing with some sort of financial transaction when watching TV so why do it when playing a game such as blackjack? Making an investment in this $100-200 device is a fraction of the value you will get from using it to enjoy online casinos such as Royal Vegas as well as other games, not to mention the other cool things you can use it for such as photo taking and video recording.

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