Quebec Online Casinos

Quebec is the largest province in Canada if you judge by area, but going from population, it is second to Ontario, with a little over 8 million Canadians calling this region home. The largest city in Quebec is Montreal, which is one of the most populated cities in Canada and is also one of the biggest hotspots in the country.

There are many things that draw tourists to Montreal every year. This is a vibrant, exciting and modern city and there is no shortage of things to see and do. The Canadian Grand Prix is held here every year and is one of the highlights of the Formula 1 calendar. It is also home to the Casino de Montreal, which is perhaps the most impressive casino in the country. French is the first language in Montreal, but English is also widely spoken and even if you don’t speak a word of French, you should still be able to get by.

Gambling is big in Montreal and throughout Quebec, and there are very relaxed laws concerning how you can gamble and where you can gamble. There are casinos, card rooms, race tracks and more, and online gambling is also legal and widely available in the region. In fact, many professional gamblers in the US have chosen to move to the city, enjoying the lively atmosphere and the legal gambling, which has led many to call Montreal the Las Vegas of Canada.

So, with the Casino de Montreal dominating the offline casino industry, which casino leads the way for online gambling in Quebec and across Canada?

Legal Online Casinos in Quebec

Whereas the Casino de Montreal leads the way for offline casinos, Royal Vegas Casino dominates when it comes to online casinos. This casino has been in business for over a decade and it has won the hearts of a lot of Canadian gamblers in that time.

Royal Vegas Casino is actually based in Malta, and a large portion of its members come from Europe and from countries such as Australia, but there are a lot of Canadians on this site as well and there are no legal issues with players from Canada joining. Of course, the same does not apply to gamblers from the US, who are unable to sign-up to Royal Vegas Casino.

Royal Vegas Casino uses Microgaming, which means that there is no shortage of slot machines and table games to play on. There is also a live dealer section, along with virtual scratch cards and a dozen different versions of video poker. What’s more, Microgaming is always advancing and improving, with new games being added every week. It may be the longest running casino software, but they are by no means resting on their laurels and they produce new technology and games at a great rater than any of their competitors.

Benefits of Royal Vegas Casino

Perhaps the first thing that you will notice about Royal Vegas Casino, and maybe the thing that attracted you to the site in the first place, is the new member bonus. The new member bonus on Royal Vegas Casino allows you to earn up to $1,200 in free cash, which is paid out over the course of your first three deposits. Most of this comes with your first deposit, which is a 100% matched deposit bonus, whilst the second deposit bonus is 25% and the third is 50%. That’s not where the bonuses end with Royal Vegas Casino either, as they also have regular promotions throughout the year and they are also a member of the Fortune Lounge Group, who run a number of promotions as well.

In fact, as both Royal Vegas Casino and the Fortune Lounge Group have loyalty schemes, all members of Royal Vegas Casino are able to take advantage of two loyalty schemes at once. This means that if you bet big and often then you can get a huge amount of cash back. You can start earning loyalty points in these loyalty schemes straight away, even when playing through your bonus cash. You will also get a handful of loyalty points to begin with, and although this only amount to around $5 worth, it will help you to get accustomed to the loyalty scheme.

With Royal Vegas Casino you can also earn an extra 10% in credits every time you deposit. To do this you need to deposit using one of 6 web wallets, which does not include PayPal. Some of the web wallets included are Skrill (which used to be known as Moneybookers), Neteller and Ukash, but there are three others as well. This bonus will be dished out every time you make a deposit using one of these methods. You will have to make a withdrawal to the method that you deposited to though, at least until you have covered that deposit amount. That means that if you deposit $50 through Skrill and then win $100, you will need to withdraw $50 back through Skrill before you can withdraw the other $50 through any method that you choose.

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Royal Vegas is going crazy with their promos this month if you are a Canadian based player. They are a serious operator and accept a host of easy deposit options such as eCheck. Quick payouts, and highly recommended.