Loyalty Club Casinos

Casinos do their best to provide for their loyal customers. This is an industry that takes your hard earned money and offers very little in return. It is an industry that offers you very little chance of winning (most of the time) and yet needs you to keep on playing in order to stay afloat. Therefore, perks such as free drinks, free food and free rooms have always been offered by land-based casinos in order to keep their regular players happy and to keep them in the casino.

When the focus moved from offline casinos to online casinos, this was one of the many things that also made the journey. An online casino can’t give you free drinks or free food, and it certainly can’t offer you a room in the premises, but it can offer you some cash back if you play regularly. This is a given with many casinos and if you find one that doesn’t have a loyalty club then you should not join. Professional gamblers and high rollers rely on these to increase variance and to ensure that even when times are hard, even when they are on a big losing streak, the cash back will take some of the edge off.

Some loyalty schemes are not just for those who spend big at the casino. Spin Palace, which is one of the oldest and most respected online casinos around, has one of the best loyalty programs, and it is one that everyone can take advantage of, regardless of how much they gamble.

Spin Palace Loyalty Club

Formerly known as The Palace Group Loyalty Group, this has existed in one form or another since the casino was founded in 2001. Spin Palace are not the same casino they were back then as they have moved and improved with the times, and one of the things that has seen the biggest improvements, one of the things that beats its rivals hands down, is the loyalty scheme.

The Palace Group Loyalty Group dishes out points for every spin that you take on the slot machines, every hand of blackjack or poker that you play. If you spend anything in the casino, whether you go on to win or lose, you will earn loyalty points. The system is based on the Euro currency, but it will be converted into whatever currency you play with. Don’t worry about joining if you’re from Canada, as many Spin Palace members (including ourselves, of course) reside in Canada as well.

The loyalty scheme will give you 1 club point for every 10 Euro that you wager. This applies whether you win or lose, so these points mount up very quickly. You will also be given 500 points as soon as you join, which will go somehow to building a strong stack that you can cash-in for your first payment.

You are free to trade in the points as and when you want, and for every 1,000 points that you have, you will be given 10 Euros in bonus cash. This means that to begin with you are effectively given 5 Euros for free, on top of the $1,000 new member bonus that Spin Palace offer. All bonus cash can be used in the casino and you are free to use it anywhere you want.

What’s more, there are many different levels and the higher up you are, the more bonus cash you can get. If you become a part of the top level, known as the Prive, then you will earn 60% more bonus points that you would earn at the standard level. You will also be given exclusive gifts, access to competitions, a VIP manager, invites to VIP events and much more. In fact, many of these options are also available to Diamond members, Gold members and Platinum members, along with faster withdrawals, personalized gifts for family members (Prive members only) invites to global sporting events, regular casino cash bonuses and more. In fact, once you make it to these VIP levels then the cash back will be the last thing on your mind, as the other benefits are worth so much more.

So what does it take to make it to those levels? Well, they are pretty much off-limits to micro stake players. The gold level requires 5,000 points to be earned and it also has a maintenance level of 4,500 points. The Platinum level is double that, whilst the Diamond level requires 200,000 points to enter and the Prive level requires half a million points to enter.

This is online VIP treatment the way it should be, and you’ll struggle to find anything more exclusive outside of the biggest land-based casinos in Vegas and Macau. If you’re a high roller or even just a regular gambler then head for Spin Palace, where every penny you wager is rewarded.

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