Fake Online Casino Games

The internet is awash with dodgy sites, games and companies. Avoiding these is a minefield at the best of times, but as a gambler it can be even worse, as this industry is littered with unscrupulous people. Many times the “fun” games, played for free, can be just as problematic as the real games, played for real money. 

Fun Slots

There are many slots out there that allow you to play for free. These tend to be split into two categories. The first are the ones you will find on the internet, the ones that are available for real money play, but allow you to play for free. There are many legitimate ones that operate like this, but there are also those that have been rigged to pay out a lot on free play, and not at all on real play. This means you will play for free and think your luck is in, before switching to high stakes and losing everything before you realize it.

The second lot are available on mobile devices and can be downloaded from the app stores. These are free, which should be your first warning sign. They have to make money somehow and as well as bombarding you with annoying ads, they can also fill your device with mallware and spyware. These things can be very damaging to your PC, but on your phone they can do even more damage. There are also games that offer in-app purchases and do their best to get you hooked and to give you half a game, so you need to pay for the rest of it.

Where to Find Real Games

If you want to play legitimate casino games, you need to head for legitimate online casinos. Royal Vegas Casino is a prime example of this. This casino has been going for a long time and is a magnet for gamblers and people who want to play for fun. The latter tend to join with little to no deposit, and then simply use “fun” credits to play on the many slot machines. These games are the same if you’re playing for free as they are if you’re playing for real, so they are a great way to simulate a real casino experience even if you don’t have any money.

Royal Vegas uses Microgaming casino software. As well as being the most trusted casino software, it is also the oldest and it has some of the best games. Microgaming is best known for its slot machines, of which there are over 500 to choose from, with new games being added all of the time. These games are created under strict guidelines by Microgaming, they are checked before they are released to the casinos, they are checked by the casinos themselves and then, in Royal Vegas’s case, they are checked by another independent auditor, eCOGRA, who ensure that all players are getting a fair game.

This is a long and complicated process, but it serves to create a safe and trusted atmosphere for the player, which is ultimately the most important thing.

Royal Vegas

Royal Vegas is stocked with the latest slots and table games, all of which offer transparent odds, so you know just what you’re getting and exactly how much chance you have of getting a return. Royal Vegas also has some of the best progressive slots you will find, offering a combined total that regularly surpasses $10 million, with the biggest jackpots recycling and building quickly, even when they are won. Mega Moolah has the biggest jackpot, but there are other classic slots and modern slots with big jackpots as well, and there are also video poker games that have big jackpots.

Away from the progressive jackpots, there are many slots that offer advanced graphics and bonus rounds that resemble something you would expect to see on a modern mobile game, as opposed to a slot machine. Microgaming have always been at the very head of this industry, creating the best slot machines and always being prepared to turn the industry on its head, so it’s exciting to see what they come up with.

If you’re new to Royal Vegas then you can pickup a big new member bonus, with up to $1,200 on offer. This can be used to play on the slots, the table games or the virtual scratch cards, and you can even use your bonus to play on the live dealer tables. Here you can simulate the real casino experience without leaving your home, with real dealers, real tables, real cards and real roulette wheels.

Overall, Royal Vegas is as safe and legitimate as they come, which doesn’t come as much of a surprise. After all, you don’t stay in business as long as they have without doing something right.

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