Good Luck Charms Players Use at Casinos

Believe it or not there are all sorts of different luck charms that people bring with them to casinos or that they set up in their online casino setup at home. We have no way of proving whether or not these are superstitious behaviors or something of great value but we thought they would be worth sharing, especially if you are looking to spice up your casino playing life.


Land-based casinos




People believe that different types of clothes will produce different results. Tiger Woods for example always wore red on Sundays, as he believed the color would bring good luck on the last days for his golf tournaments. Casino players meanwhile often believe that wearing brighter colors like green will represent fortune, as the color is associated with the color of money (at least in the US) as well as the green light at a stoplight signifying “to go.” Bright colors or especially matched bright colors are all common at Las Vegas casinos since players believe the clothes will distract dealers.




Lucky hats are common in general but in the casino world many players believe that wearing hats gives a sense of security and also prevents players from seeing your poker face. Hats are also believed among casino players to bounce off negativity from surrounding players or from a dealer, thus leading to increased chances of winning.




Some gamblers believe mixing and matching socks will bring them luck while other players believe wearing a certain color such as red will allow them to be quick on their feet since the color is associated with movement and heat. Other people meanwhile believe not wearing socks at a casino (at least for men) brings bad luck.




Everyone has heard of lucky dice for a variety of things but it is also common for casino players to bring their own dice to the casino and keep it in their pockets for good luck.


Online Set-ups


Chinese customs have heavily influenced the online casino world due to concepts relating to Qi and Fengshui being taught and used even at land-based casinos. In fact, many reports have talked extensively about the use of design to influence psychology at casinos in order to entice players to stay longer but there is also increasing awareness about the use of Feng-shui in one’s home to bring good fortune whether it be through gambling or establishing something like an office space.


For example, players should always play where there is good access to natural light. Balanced lighting that isn’t artificial is said to create a welcoming area for the wealth god, as he is scared to enter dark-lit places that are traditionally filled with negativity. Chinese businessmen and gamblers believe financial-related matters should be done in an area with good lighting, and many gamblers at home should consider playing in areas that are similar to increase their chances.


Facing west is also considered auspicious for anything financial related, according to Feng-shui, so if you are a casino player at home make sure to turn your desk that direction and face it head first to allow yourself be directly hit from this energy. Turning your back to it meanwhile has the reverse effect and you are essentially preventing increased wealth from entering.


Other healthy Feng-shui tips that could help a gambler increase his or her chances at winning include setting up a balanced environment with the use of elements. For example, a gambler should place running water such as a fountain in the corner of the room to bring in a constant stream of positive energy for whatever tasks are being performed. Gamblers should also place plants or flowers in the room to bring in natural life and spur a sense of growth, which will help identify the room as a place that fosters growth and potential.


Lastly, gamblers should also prevent having objects above their heads where they sit when gambling, as this signifies something may come tumbling down or crash. In other words, this will create unfavorable circumstances for your gambling experiences.


In short, casino players should look to areas that have good design, seek balanced environments that have fountains and plants wherever they gamble, and perhaps carry their lucky charm with them to create the most favorable conditions even if it is only a placebo effect.

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