Best Screens for Prolonged Gambling

We here at Real Money Casino are concerned about players’ safety not only in terms of playing responsibly, but also in terms of what using modern-day devices for gambling means to players’ health. More than ever people are glued to their smartphones, computers and tablets for gaming as well as performing every-day life activities. Consequently, people have begun to lose their eyesight strength and are even developing stigmatisms among other things. We believe this is due to the impact LCD screens have had on our lives, as shown by evidence in the market, and therefore have some recommendations as to what alternative solutions gamblers can look to for protecting their eyes during prolonged periods of gambling.


The worst


The worst option for casino players is LCD screens. Unfortunately, almost all devices these days use these, as they have been the mainstream panel technology in the market over the last decade due to production advantages over other competing technologies. Smartphones equipped with LCDs are about 50% brighter than notebooks that use the technology and since people are using mobile devices more than ever this means the risk of eye damage is increasing even more.


So what can be done? One major tip that protects your eyes during those long nights of casino playing in the dark is to add an anti-reflective blue-ray film on your device’s screen. Dong so essentially blocks blue light, the most harmful of the lights being shone into your eyes from the LCD and overall dims the screen while not sacrificing color saturation or clarity. Looking at a screen with this film is like looking at the screen when it is turned off, allowing your eyes to rest and recover more.


Other screens


Alternatively, there are better screens coming out in terms of saturation. Gamblers should consider Quantum Dot (QD) smartphones due to the reduced backlighting used coupled with increased saturation. Using these screens will allow players to dim the lighting on smartphones and tablets, which will help protect your eyes, and the online casinos will also look more life-like due to their improved color.


If you are a casino player using Samsung phones with AMOLED, you are probably more lucky than the iPhone user due to the phone using this screen technology, which is absent of backlighting and instead emits its own self-produced light that is more subtle on the eyes. Casino players also prefer bigger screens, which are more readily available in the Samsung family and allow for bigger text to be displayed, this preventing a player from squinting.


But perhaps one technology that triumphs them al is EPD paper. This type of technology replicates what the eye sees and has the lowest backlighting source compared with any other competing technology in the market. Serious casino players should consider using this technology, which can be found on devices from Amazon, as it will help you sustain any type of function you perform on the computer including gaming at longer lengths.


New Devices Emerging


We expect to see new devices without the use of backlighting appear in addition to more VR gear that has protective filters for the eyes and replicated real-life images. Online casino platforms are also expected to further integrate into the IoT market, which means you may see all sorts of new playing methods with whiteboards and advanced projector technology. Time will tell, and how fast the market moves forward will depend on the demand from both software and hardware developers alike.


Online casino playing usually does not take up a lot of time on the computer but if you factor it in with the rest of your daily activities on the computer you may find that you are using electronic devices with LCD screens way too much. All forms of gaming need to consider this aspect and promote a healthier approach for their participants, and the above-mentioned are but a few steps that players can consider for now.



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