Alternative Casino Developments -Rethinking Game Ideas

Currently, most casino platforms only offer real money playing for traditional games such as baccarat, blackjack and slots but the trends show this is changing as platforms for eSports betting that allow people to gamble on video game tournaments are on the rise. In addition to video games, we also estimate that several other forms of gambling will reach the online casino world. In this article we will take a look at these niches that we see as having potential or hoping will appear in the market some day.


Many people love this game. A casino could configure it so that players need to have really good accuracy, strategy and speed to win. What was once considered a top arcade game has since faded from the market but it certainly could be revived through a new platform that offers playing for money. The same payout percentages would apply and players could make deposits on parity with other games. This would also give online gambling hubs a new name for entertainment and gaming overall.

Ping Pong

This game could be configured to include machine versus human playing in which the player controls hits with the mouse of a PC or with the touch of hands on a mobile device. There could be animated players and simulated referees that call points and set matches. Casinos could also find a clever way to use this as a means to gain free credit or spins for a slots game or turn it into an alternative game much like how Royal Vegas combines Bingo with Roulette.

Pinball machines

The machines could also be combined with slots. Rather than hitting reel each time perhaps players could test their skills at an online pinball hub where there reel winning potential is first determined on how many points they gain from the machine. This would entice players to play better and would excite them about traditional casino games more.

Board Games

Casinos could use a game like Monopoly where the player puts a wager on the expected result. Perhaps the player will be sent to jail or perhaps they will earn $500 from drawing the right play in Monopoly. For each result there could be casino credit deducted or added that in turn could be applied for additional casino credit or be cashed out. The possibilities with board game casino ideas are endless considering how many popular games exist, and because many adults enjoy partaking in childhood activities but with different rewards and rules.


This could be tricky but essentially casinos could have a game like jeopardy where they make wagers on certain questions just like the real-life game. The difference is that there would be a very limited time for the person to answer from a selection of A-D or A-F answers in order to avoid cheating by looking on the Internet. We think 7 seconds would be the sweet spot, as it would give the player time to process but not enough time that they can look to Google for an answer and return to the game.


Online bingo exists as an alternative game in casino world, which makes us beg the question – Why aren’t raffles included? Casinos could incorporate different themed raffles in which the player enters with the possibility to win various cash prizes or credits at another casino game. We expect that having a carnival-themed setup would prove most successful and would satisfy that urge to partake in sillier games that otherwise are too embarrassing to play in real life.


These are just a few suggestions. In fact, we have already begun to see a revival of non-traditional games such as dominoes, yahtzee, spades and tonk from platforms such as BetOnline being transformed into real money games. Royal Vegas has also started to bump up alternative games such as car racing and horse racing so the trends do seem to be pointing toward a new direction.

The reality of online casino gaming goes back hundreds of years when many of these traditional games such as poker were first invented. Casino hubs should also consider the possibility of tracing back to adults’ childhood experiences and revamping games that are adult friendly. Gambling hubs are entertainment but we think they can also capture nostalgia or unfulfilled desires from certain points of time in history.

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