Motion Sensing Technology and the Gambling World

With the developments of Leap Motion making headway in the market, motion-sensing technology is said to be the next big thing in the computer world. The technology is built around the idea the humans can interact with computer devices in the same way they would use their hands while also freeing them from the computer to allow for a more real-life experience.

Leap Motion has been at the forefront of these developments. The company originally made prototypes that incorporated real-life gestures into games via a smart hub that could reduce lag to within a millisecond. Initially, basic fighting games and creative software tools were made to test these hardware prototypes but now the company has started to work more in depth with other software developers, offering a new range of applications including casino games.

Due to these developments, a wide range of compatible software for OSX and Windows applications are available, with over 185,000 developers involved. However, we have yet to see casinos get on board with this new trend, which to us is both a surprise and disappointment.

Motion sensing technology can be used for games on various applications that would enhance casino playing. In terms of desktop usage, players could control poker hands, blackjack card dealings and use their hands for online scratch cards as if they were achieving all of these in real life. The way the gambling industry has evolved is from land-based, tangible objects to the convenience of playing those tangible games in a virtual world. However, the casino interaction feeling was lost. Motion sensing, especially combined with virtual reality combine these forces and are the next step in making casino games the best they can be in the online world. The same goes for mobile applications.

Motion sensing is also huge in the virtual reality (VR) world where gaming is expected to see the largest CAGR compared with other niches. Using devices such as Oculus Rift combined with motion sensors will allow gamers to enter new territories otherwise unexplored and perform functions never experienced before. We believe that VR casino players should be able to enter virtual worlds offered from gambling hubs such as Royal Vegas. Instead of simply playing a 2D version of a real-life game players should be able to enter VR casino halls where they can interact with bartenders, casino staff, escort services, and of course casino games.

Imagine using motion-sensor technology with VR to take out cash and put it on the table to make a bet or inserting it into a slot machine. Meanwhile, you are having voice conversations with the live dealer due to pre-programmed voice automation technology such as Siri’s Apple that can interact in a precise manner. Further, imagine if you could do that at a casino you have always wanted to visit such as a location in Vegas. These are all but a few of the possibilities the way motion sensors can be used or in combination with other technologies to enhance gaming experiences built around gambling.

The future of casino compatibility will not only center on OSX and Windows, it will also revolve around sensor and VR applications. Allowing gamblers to replicate experiences found in a live casino could in fact completely shift casino business to online hubs and thus further break down the competition makers such as Royal Vegas are aiming to beat. We could also see a turn in responsible gambling for the better, because if casino players feel as if they are taking out actual cash that is attributed to real value in one of the many real-money games offered, then this could change gamblers’ viewpoints on spending money, as they often become skewed by simply using credit cards.

Motion sensing is also easier to use for navigating games as you could potentially use quicker swiping and scroll action with the hands. If we add voice automation into the picture then players would be able to weed out games faster by stating what type of game they want and if they want to play it for real money etc. This makes gambling more personalized, something of which online hubs need to improve across the board.

For now, you can begin practicing with Leap Motion, which is one of the most advanced motion sensor devices on the market. The app store associated with the device even has some compatible casino apps including ones that pair with Oculus casino so it’s a great way to begin understanding and enjoying what the future of casino playing holds in store.

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