Voice Automation Prospects for Online Casino Playing

Lets face it we are becoming more reliant on advanced technologies for our everyday lives. No longer do we want to fiddle with devices to find a certain song or TV program and instead rely on using wireless smart technology such as voice automation built into devices that can comprehend and perform what we want clearly. This type of technology has previously been limited to services such as Siri found in smartphones and tablets, and has also recently extended into Apple TV. Now, rather than being built around a specific ecosystem of apps generated from Apple or other vendors, voice automation will be the standard for accessing and performing apps from third-party vendors that include anything from paying bills to playing games such as blackjack.

Most third party apps including online casino hubs do not have voice-automated features built into their software, and until the release of Apple’s iTunes app store that includes new tvOS services, such an idea was considered impossible. However, the development of such services opens the doors for these hubs to be played in a whole other fashion – free of hands – which not only can change and improve the way players interact with games, but also how when and where they play.

One large prospect we see the online casino hub changing from a result of voice services incorporated is the ability to multi-task while gaming. For games such as slots they usually require the player to make a reel spin via a click with a mouse or a tap on the touch screen of a mobile device. This has limited what the player can do due to being tied up in the game. Voice control features on the other hand allow a player to free up his or her hands in order to run errands, conduct daily chores as well as perform many other tasks.

In fact, freeing one’s hands will allow the player on the go to concentrate on driving or riding a bike etc. while playing. We believe that with the developments of touch screens in vehicles such as automobiles that casino players will be able to play on the go more than ever. However, what will really push this development in vehicles even more is voice control, since driving is a task requiring one’s full attention. Services such as Siri are already embedded into cars and there is no reason to think they will not be extended into other markets in order to create better ecosystems for vehicles, content providers and many other associated services.

Voice automation holds a bright future for many industries but it will be up to content developers to analyze how far they will look into adopting these features. Online casino platforms such as Spin Palace may find due to high money risk and involvement with its games that such services are highly probable to error, and thus will avoid them in order to prevent its customers from getting upset. On the other hand, it may seen increased business opportunities in new segments such as the automobile, allowing the company to greatly extend its business prospects.

Voice automation could also be used while playing live casinos. Telling a dealer to fold over a sound system linked with in you car while driving may seem bizarre but in fact opens new opportunities for casinos. Players could also tell video poker games to make spins and when to hold during blackjack games against the machine. Alternative casino games such as bingo are also sprouting and players could easily link up and place their cards using voice control to platforms either built-in software or set up in real time from gambling halls. We could potentially see cross platforms built around live casinos in multiple locations such as a private poker room in Las Vegas that allows players to link up and play via voice automated commands. This will be important in particular as players want to extend their gambling action to those locations and experiences without having to be there in person.

Casinos and casino software hubs need to re-think their positioning in the market given the development of new devices and services built around allowing customers to be more mobile and freed up from tasks. To assume that consumers will stick to the old ways of touch and click for playing casinos is becoming an antiquated way of thinking, and could affect online gambling hubs immensely in the future if not reacted to in a timely manner.

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