Will 8K Make its Way into the Casino Industry?

There are all sorts of new hype surrounding 4K (Ultra HD) developments in the industry. TV vendors are now releasing 4K units as part of their high-end setups that will later extend into mid-range units, and smartphone vendors are expected to unveil a whole new lineup of smartphones in 2016, which will include Apple’s next-generation iPhone, according to various media speculation. The trends are clear – higher resolution and advanced performance are the main steps vendors are taking to increase their competitiveness in the market. However, what about software developers such as game makers? Are they following in step or are they perhaps even farther ahead and waiting for the hardware industry to catch up?

Software developers have been conservative about extending resolution into 4K before device makers release compatible devices due to strategy. First, creating software such as online casino games requires an upfront investment that is not necessarily monetarily sound unless there are actual devices to operate it. Some software is created ahead of time in order to estimate market trends, but this typically revolves around a unique type of service or experience rather than focusing on a resolution standard. Eventually casinos will upgrade their content to 4K, as indicated from verbatim we have seen from platforms such as Royal Vegas, but doing so before device meets popular demand is not a smart move for such casino platforms as it puts them in a spot where the investment doesn’t create any new initial value.

4K content takes up increased bandwidth and is difficult to compress for devices only running on HD displays. This leads to distorted effects on a player’s phone as a result, putting a strain on the user’s experience and hence overall associated with a casino. Currently the penetration for Full HD used in smartphones is still low, which means that consumers have not fully adapted the resolution into their lives, yet alone 4K. This is the case for mobile devices.

TVs on the other hand are a different story. Full HD content is widely used and spread across platforms such as Netflix. Pricing for what the average consumer typically budgets for a TV is reasonable when it comes to a Full HD unit, and 4K TVs are even dropping quickly in pricing to the point where they will make up 35% of TV shipments in 2019. Therefore, we expect that any software vendor investment in 4K content should consider the TV market first, and not the mobile market. Further, the content maker needs to analyze if it product revolves around usage primarily through TVs or other devices.

Some online casino players use their TVs to play games since this method allows for large-screen viewing experience coupled with unmatched sound that can be further enhanced through a personalized stereo system. In fact, with the rise of Apple TV and now more willingness from Apple to include third-party developers to promote and create their Apps, the TV may very well turn into a hub for all online activity, taking away from what mobile deices have to offer. In light of this trend, casino software platforms online should consider the importance of 4K and staying alert with providing compatible software through smart TVs. Smart TVs are the wave of the future in terms of home entertainment and will be built in with the home ecosystem that will extend into transport as well. Therefore, online casinos should not ignore this trend and consider the importance of what 4K means in the industry because resolutions will continue to increase.

In fact we have already seen display makers such as AUO and BOE display new 100-inch 8K TV panels at events such as Touch Taiwan. These developments indicate the industry is already preparing for an even quicker transformation into higher resolution as vendors look to outcompete one another with value-added products. In fact, areas such as Japan aim to have 8K transmissions available across the country as of 2020 for the Olympics, which will likely prompt other nations to follow. The move from Full HD to 4K is moving quickly and the move to 8K will move even quicker so all related industries need to be prepared.

For now, Full HD and some 4K games can be played at Royal Vegas and there are technically even 2K games available for Apple devices that run on higher resolution. You can make use of your smart TV for playing casino games if you have a 4K TV, as well as utilize its 3D functions for various slot games at Spin Palace. These two casinos are the most trusted and take leaps when it comes to providing new compatibility and gaming for technology such as 4K and perhaps even 8K one day.

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