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Smartphones are an indispensable part of peoples’ lives. With an estimated market of 1.44 billion units in 2014, the smartphone has become human’s ways of keeping updates on emails, news, as well as connecting with others via social media platforms, real-time video and texting. Smartphones have also brought peoples’ favorite PC experiences to a compatible device that can fit into one’s pocket and be taken on the road, which means that activities otherwise limited to a specific location in the past are now readily available wherever there is an Internet signal.

One of the growing trends spurred from smartphone growth is the rise of mobile gaming. Traditionally, this type of gaming was performed on bulky consoles that were not connected to a phone but as new chip, display and backlighting technologies developed over the years the idea of creating a device that could perform multiple functions outside of phone calls arose in the market, spurring products such as the iPhone. Later, vendors from across the world began releasing smartphones sized in the 3- and 4-inch categories through Windows, Android and Blackberry operating systems. Within a decade’s time these devices now exceed 5 inches and are more powerful than some of the first computers released into the market.

Due to the growing trend for mobile gambling coupled with the rise of mobile compatibility from gaming platforms, there are now options to download software and apps from reputable platforms related to gambling. Online casinos first started appearing in the early 2000s and the idea was to bring traditional casino games found in gambling halls to players’ PCs to recreate the experience. Now, these same developers are bringing the experience to a compact format known as a smartphone that can be accessed whenever you choose, and better yet, can be played for real money.

Spin Palace stands out as one of the best platforms for smartphone devices. Offering a wide variety of slots games and easy payment options, the casino offers compatibility for iOS, Android and Blackberry devices wanting to play games such as slots and video poker- the casino’s two foremost games. There is also Platinum Play, which stands out for its roulette action and Royal Vegas Casino for its live dealer and online scratch card games. Royal Vegas also has more alternative games compared with other casinos such as Bingo and racing games. For US players, we recommend BetOnline due to its casino and sports betting options.

None of these apps are found directly in App stores but are downloaded onto one’s smartphone directly from the sites so that you have easy access to them all the time. The great about all these casinos is that they can be played seamlessly across mobile, tablet and PC devices so if you choose to switch between other devices this is not a problem. All other devices need to download the software as well, so you need to do this manually or connect your devices to your app store.

With today’s smartphones offering 1GB Memory and above, fast processing chips and Full HD content that will soon go 4K, smartphones are more than suitable to play casinos online safely and up to speed. If you need to end a game at a certain time simply log out or exit the app to remain where you left off. This is the so-called pause function of the smartphone app featured on casinos and you do not need to worry about the game continuing without you. All games are formatted to varying sizes of phones in the 3-inch segment all the way to the 5-inch and above size segments.

Getting started is easy as well. Simply signup and enter your bank account information so that you are eligible for winning real money. This requires a short screening process to verify your banking info but is worth the wait so that you can actually have a chance to make money from your gaming experience.

Smartphone Developments

Mobile casino players will continue to benefit from smartphone advancements, which will include faster performance, thinner touch panels and components, as well as improved resolution as a result of 4K technologies. Touch sensitivity will increase and security will also improve due to more vendors incorporating touch recognition into their new devices in addition to voice activation and possible even retina scan. All of this points to a more advanced mobile experience that adds to the possibilities of what smartphone devices can achieve, and we expect to see some of the newest breakthroughs occur in the fourth quarter of 2015 into 2016.

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