Parallels Desktop Gambling – Casino Strategy via Multi OS

Parallels Desktop is software designed for multi-OS (operating system) usage. Originally established for Macs in order to use Windows applications, the software is now Linux compatible and available for download on the company’s site for under $100. For Mac users, the software acts as a type of virtual brain in which applications such as Internet Explorer can be downloaded and operated at the same time without having to logout and switch OS like other virtual brains. This unique application means Mac users can access Windows and IE applications in one window while using their preferred OSX browser of choice in another. This allows users to get the best of both worlds, with security from Apple’s OS and a variety of applications perhaps otherwise limited or performed better with Windows.

The Benefits for Gamblers

The casinos promoted on this site are compatible with Windows, Linux OSX and mobile applications ranging from Android, Blackberry and iOS, which mean you do not need Parallels Desktop to access them. However, avid casino users state that using multiple platforms increases advantages in winning due to the way random number generators (RNGs) work in online casinos.

The way RNGs operate is still a mystery to most people. There is speculation that the payout percentages, which are always guaranteed, come from the amount a total casino rakes in total over a certain period. There are also theories stating the percentage is based on revenue per game or by a certain amount of players in addition to the device and browser they use to access the casino.

If we assume it is based on a device basis, we could infer that using one or more type of OS and browser could affect the outcome while gambling. Despite an IP address, which could be changed while accessing the casino through a VPN, casino software may give priority to certain browsers for the sake of diversity.

Google Chrome is the most widely used browser for accessing platforms such as Ruby Fortune, which means the competition from PC devices using this Google technology is high. Combating this competition in the casino arena online means that using alternative browsers such as IE or Safari may help the player achieve higher results, assuming the algorithm allocates certain percentages to different browsers.

A lower amount of people using a less popular browser may allow you to have an advantage over others using Chrome, so for a Mac user he or she could install Parallels and download a platform such as Opera. This is one of the least used browsers in the market, and it strikes a unique search result in the online casino’s algorithm.

Uniqueness in playing as well as access to a casino is also regarded as a major part of determining the casino’s payout percentage, for lesser-known users identified as such through their browsing behavior may be considered more special to the casino. This would spur preference to the player and potentially give them an advantage over other players.

Players could also switch between browsers while playing if the have Parallels. This would spur uniqueness in the casino results and also give the player a bit of variety.

The Downsides

Parallels technology is compatible for the Mac users wanting to access other operation systems. Apple does not license OSX to other vendors so buying this software does not mean a Windows user can access OSX. This software also takes up about 50GB of hard-drive space and for each application you purchase additional space will be used so it is best to assess the extent to which you need this service.

Additionally, some casino software requires a download, which means multiple OS usage will require multiple casino software downloads.


If you are going to get Parallels we recommend that you buy it along with any OS available in order to avoid bugs. Internet Explorer is known to crash often due to illegal downloads, which could affect your game if you are playing with a live dealer or in the middle of a slots game.

We think this strategy of using Parallels is best when playing against the machine. Live games against other players really make no difference since there is no algorithm factor but playing a game such as blackjack against the machine does. Also, if you choose not to use this setup for gambling primarily the software can also be used for a variety of applications in everyday life so it isn’t a complete waste of money.

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