Real Money Racing Games

Royal Vegas Casino is well known for its slots, blackjack and roulette games in addition to a wide variety of video poker, keno and even bingo. However, the casino has also started to move into more arcade type games that can be played for real money, which now include a new game called Premier Racing featured under the casino’s “Casual Games” section. This horse racing game calls for players to make wagers on jockeys and their horses standings, and is arguably provides one of the highest chances of winning at an arcade game.

Horse racing is typically limited to sports books that provide live, real-money betting on actual horse racing such as the Kentucky Derby. However, due to growing popularity for the sport and demand to take it to virtual racing where players can partake in imitations of real-life horse betting, Royal Vegas established the platform as part of a new lineup in games as of 2014 to give extended casino options that go beyond traditional casino games. This trend is part of online casinos push to incorporate new and exciting games that have an arcade type feeling, yet offer cash returns as opposed to simply inserting money and losing it.

When entering this game you are given the option to choose what type of race you would like to see, as well as combine your choice of jockey and horse. There are statistics provided to allow players to make educated guesses on which horse/jockey combination has the highest probability of winning. These can be switched up each time you play, as can the amount you wager, which also increases or decreases the jackpot provided.

The great thing about this game is that there will always be a winner. Since the amount of horses and jockeys available in this game are limited to around 10 this means not only are you guaranteed to see a winner, your chances of winning are high due to the limited amount of combinations. Meanwhile, after choosing your combination and hitting play you get to sit back and watch the race take place. Be careful not to smash your computer as you cheer on your favorite virtual horse and jockey.

This game guarantees at least a 97% payout just as the rest of the casino does, and is built on the same type of random number generator technology found in both land-based and online casinos. Not every game necessarily has this percentage, but rather the whole casino in terms of the amounts being deposited. This is good as it takes into consideration other deposits being placed into the casino, which could bump up your chances of winning due to money being poured into other games. Higher amounts of bets results in larger jackpot opportunities.

About Royal Vegas

Established back in the early 2000s, this casino has been a pioneer in developing online casino games for PC, Mac and mobile applications. With a sign-up bonus of $1200, it has one of the largest communities of players across the world, ranging from Canada, UK, and Australia. In addition to new emerging arcade games, players can also enjoy a wide variety of scratch card games and progressives.

The Developments of Real Money Games Online

Casino vendors are continuing to pursue more game developments and it is likely we will see more arcade type games appear in the future, provided they can be integrated into similar platforms with already existing casino games. There is also a chance that casinos may offer more video game player-to-player action but this is mainly a rumor circulating among many casino forums currently.

For now, enjoy what the casino world has to offer, and know that your deposit and earnings can be used or withdrawn from any type of game on the platform. Royal Vegas is your best bet for such a racing game and there are no other casinos offering this type of real money racing game at the moment.

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