Internet Explorer Casino

The Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) browser has one of the longest histories established on the Internet. Originally featured in virtually all PCs with the exception of Mac units released into the market in the late 1990s into the late 2000s, IE’s market share stood out impressively at almost 100% before losing steam to alternative browsers such as Netscape and AOL. Although the impact was minimal, it did drop IE’s market share to 85.8% in 2002, and since then the effect has been almost irreversible due to growing competition and alternative browsers in the market.

Nevertheless, IE is still used and does exist as part of the online casino player’s arsenal for real money games ranging from blackjack to roulette, slots and video poker. Many casino players have expressed concern over safety due to the browser being highly prone to bugs and viruses, and luckily there is one casino that has gone out of its way to monitor and create highly compatible games that are safe and run smooth ranging from PC brands such as Acer, Asus, Sony and many more. The gambling hub is known as Platinum Play.

Platinum Play offers a variety of parlour games such as keno, table games including craps and baccarat in addition to slots and a new unique casino game section that even offers bingo. This casino is well known for its generous 1500 free bets, live dealers, 24/7-customer service and easy cash outs. It also has some of the biggest jackpots and does the Malta Gaming Authority establish a trusted site for nearly a decade.

We like this casino for IE because it is a very well-balanced casino in terms of gaming options, and is moderately high performance, meaning that even older browsers such as IE 7 can support it despite concerns over lag and compatibility. Unlike other casinos that require the latest browser technology to guarantee safety and playing, Platinum Play has done a solid job of keeping its games suitable for all types of browsers that are accessing the site. Additionally, the casino knows if robots are trying to access the site and log in with your contact info, which helps prevent fraud and security risk. In the unlikely event that something fraud related would occur, the casino has your back and offers refunds.

In Canada, this casino is a highly popular option while in the US BetOnline is your best bet, as Platinum Play currently does not accept US players. For Sports Betting, Americans should also turn to BetOnline while Canadians can turn to Sports Interaction.

IE Developments

IE started to take the biggest hit in 2004, dropping below an 80% global web browser share due to the rise of Mozilla. Netscape and Opera also pushed their presence into the market, albeit limited holding 1-2% shares each in 2004 respectively. Those shares continued to drop into 2006 and by then Netscape had almost entirely vanished from the online world, as new browsers such as Firefox came in to hold nearly a 30% share globally.

By 2008, IE’s market share declined to below the 50% mark, which is also the year that Google Chrome emerged. Little did consumers know that Chrome would grow to be one the most widely-used browsers across the web, and PC makers started incorporating the browser as its main interface instead of IE due to the growing popularity. IE also suffered due to the lack of stability and developments from Windows applications in addition to the hardware devices that varied too much in specification to create a standardized experience of IE and Windows related usage to explore the Internet.

As of 2015, IE holds approximately a 6% share while Chrome and Firefox account for about 85%. Internet Explorer is nevertheless onto its 11th version but still requires a lot of extra downloads for malware and virus infections, making it increasingly unpopular in the market. Nevertheless, if you are a user and enjoy the browser continue to do so and feel secure knowing there are reliable software platforms for games featured in online casinos that are still played until this day. Also, if you choose to switch between browsers or even devices such as smartphones or tablets you will be able to play seamlessly with the same account information as Platinum Play covers all aspects mobile and PC.

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