Chinese Astrology for Determining Gambling Outcomes

While most westerners use luck of the draw and various techniques such as card counting and strategy to win at casino games, many Chinese in fact believe all of this is of no use. For many Chinese, fate determines the outcome of all events including those related to making money, so whatever you will encounter during the day, month or year, be it at a casino hall or in your daily fairs, will happen no matter what actions or precautions you take. However, the Chinese believe there is tools to help determine what fate will bring at a certain time just like how a watch can determine the time of day despite time continuing to click forward.

The premise of this thinking goes back thousands of years in China when Daoists discovered there were tools to measure the daily activities that would occur in a given period. Fate was said to be the main driver of everyone’s lives and everyone had a different path to walk. Not only did this mean that everything was already planned and set in stone, it also therefore meant there were ways to tap into measuring what has been planned and make plans or decisions accordingly. Astrological measurements were therefore established along the way to measure these patterns or otherwise known as “one’s luck” in China, ranging from business, friendly affairs or business opportunities.

These measurements were developed over centuries from Daoist astrologers who were consulted by kings, merchants and anyone who was in need of advice for making a big decision. Such systems became formulated into set ones known as Yijing and Ziwei Doushu, and it was quickly thereafter that books were printed and hand written for anyone wishing to reference them. The most popular form of these systems began being used in business for wealthy businessmen for determining when would be a good time to make a business transaction and later moved into family affairs for determining marriage dates.

In today’s society Chinese are mostly concerned about money, or more specifically how to make more of it. While this is true for pretty much all societies the Chinese are particularly concerned about it and often reference these astrological systems to determine not just a business transaction but also whether they will have a lucky day at a casino. By using these tools the Chinese claim they can calculate whether a day at a casino hall will be one of fortune or profit or one of failure. Depending on what the tools show over a weekly period or on a given day, many Chinese will either refrain or go full throttle in gambling, and many Chinese swear they have had nothing short of 100% success.

It may seem superstitious to think these astrological systems that also coexist with divination practices may help one determine a specific outcome but Chinese claim that every event can be traced back to a set of circumstances that have resulted into his life has a predetermined outcome. Knowing how to tap in and see these measurements before they actually occur is what so many Daoists tried to unlock over centuries, and the Chinese firmly believe that Ziwei Doushu is the grand master of calculations. The Chinese use their birth date and calculate what will happen in a given time period within their life and then make a decision whether to take on certain activities during that time. While the systems cannot reveal a specific thing that will bring the outcome on that day, the outcomes are nevertheless revealed and said to be highly accurate.

To no surprise, any rich businessmen in China are all more or less familiar with these systems and use them to their advantage often. Before dropping money at a casino, gambling whales or “high rollers” will first calculate to see the outcome and determine whether they should participate. Casinos in Macau in fact offer these kinds of services at hotels, but Chinese also use them when they go abroad to places like Canada to gamble.

Perhaps there is a placebo effect that instills a firm sense of belief of an outcome into Chinese minds when they use these systems or perhaps the systems are indeed very accurate. For the high-rolling gambler they swear by them but if you ask people who use them for determining mundane affairs the results vary too much. Perhaps this is because the systems are best used for larger-scale events or perhaps there are flaws, but whatever the case may be it is a very interesting phenomenon in China’s gambling community.

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