Firefox Casino

Many casino players have questions about compatibility for devices such as iPhone and Android handsets, and further divide compatibility concerns into operating systems such as Mac OSX, Windows and Linux. Some players are also highly concerned about the most suitable software platform for browsers due to safety and overall user experience. In this article we will take a look at what casino is best suited for Mozilla’s Firefox as well as take a look at the latest developments of the browser.

Established back in 2002, Firefox grew largely out of frustration from Internet Explorer users who constantly suffered from various unpatched security issues and vulnerability leading to identity theft, credit card theft and other malicious behavior on the Internet. Mozilla also established a much larger filter for weeding out faulty sites on the Internet that posed security risks and has also made efforts to get rid of third-party cookies that the browser otherwise deems unsafe.

Due to this, many casino sites were hard to access due to their lack of transparency on the Internet, albeit wide user base and internationally recognized certification. However, regulated casinos who have been established for years made it a point to work with Mozilla developers to fix this issue and it wasn’t long before Firefox became a widely used browser for accessing casino sites throughout the mid to late 2000s, which also corresponded with the site’s popularity that peaked around 2009 before starting to drift away due to a rising Google Chrome.

Nevertheless, Firefox is still around and so are casinos online. To narrow it down for what we see as the most widely accessed, convenient and user-friendly game for this casino is Royal Vegas or better yet, Platinum Play. Both have over 15 years experience online and are trusted platforms offering a variety of payment and withdraw options in addition to traditional casino games.

Platinum Play Casino in particular has a generous signup bonus with 1500 free bets, instant play, as well as live dealers. The casino is part of the Fortune Lounge Group and is Microgaming certified, which upholds the highest standards for the gambling industry online. With numerous slots options, blackjack and video poker, there is a lot to do on this site and the payouts are over 95% – some of the highest in the industry. USA players on the other hand are not accepted and should turn to BetOnline, with of these casinos reviewed on this site.

Firefox Developments

Firefox browser users have actually been on the decline in 2015 and the biggest decline happened in 2012 at about -6%, as shown by this graph. During this year, Chrome saw its market share increase almost 12%, which many market observers attribute to the release of new PC products and mobile devices supporting the browser despite its 2008 release. Firefox peaked in 2009 and started declining right afterwards, which also shows the effect that Chrome had on the market.

As of July 2015, Firefox held a 21.6% share while Chrome held a 63.3% share to hold the global position. Despite Firefox’s decreased popularity, its market share beats out the combined shares of IE, Opera and Safari, according to the graph. As more mobile devices aim to become so-called “Googleized” due to the search engine’s popularity and overall Google presence in the market, Chrome is expected to further increase its market share. Interestingly enough, many Mac users prefer this search engine to Safari.

Firefox is open source and available in more than 90 languages, making it accessible to pretty much anyone across the globe that is looking to use this browser for online gambling. The technology was also the first to support 3D viewing, and it is a pioneer for supporting the play of 3D casinos.

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