Projector Casinos

One of the uncommon platforms that people do not to think to use to their advantage for online gaming and casino playing is the projector. Granted, a projector is not cheap and often requires a specialized screen for viewing but due to its large formatting size and feature for specialized viewing up to 110 inches for movies, TV shows and casino game applications, we highly believe the projector is one of the most sophisticated and value-added products you should invest in for your gambling setup.


There are a number of ways you can view casino gaming on your projector. The most common way is to connect a device directly into the projector via a VG cable that sends the signal directly from the operating device into the projector and out onto the screen. This allows for the least amount of lag but is also the most inconvenient method as it requires a $20 cable for connecting and adds extra wires to your computer setup that you probably want to avoid. This setup was traditionally used with most projectors and while is good it is slowly becoming a thing of the past.


Another option would be to connect wirelessly via Bluetooth but would require that your projector have this function. Most of the newer units released after 2012 come equipped with this feature so if you are going to invest in a new unit you may want to consider something newer than 2011 models. After setting up your projector you simply open up the device of in which you are playing on and connect. This is particularly fun if you are using a smart device like a smartphone, as it is small and lightweight yet appears on such a powerful and large-size screen. Meanwhile all the actions you perform on the device are transferred in real time with almost no lag, bringing about real-life casino experiences to your living room.


If you want to take this experience a step further you can add a Leap Motion device that connects to your computer’s USB and allows for motion sensitivity for controlling various demands such as pressing, spinning and shrinking. Using this for a game such as slots and placing it near your computer as you stand or sit in front of the big screen for gaming frees your hands and allows for a new type of creative gambling that otherwise has not been possible in the past.


Most projectors require that your device also have an external sound output so this is an investment you may want to consider before purchasing a new or used device. External speakers can be purchased very cheaply or very expensive depending on the quality you want. You can rig your setup so that it is in surround sound and crank up the volume to bring about lout and lifelike casino sounds that are even more real sounding that being at an actual live casino. This makes the entire casino gaming experience 10 times more fun, and is also a great way to enhance movie watching.


In terms of projector brands, we think you can go for a Full HD unit or 4K units from Epson, BenQ and Optoma with low noise levels and long lamp life. DLP technology and higher lumen counts will bring the best out of the online casino due to the enhanced image quality and will also allow for crisper sound. A decent new projector with Full HD resolution and some of these qualities will cost you around $600-800 but there are cheaper options. 4K units meanwhile are about twice the price and may be worth waiting for until 2016.


The home theatre setup is now moving toward the home casino setup due to advancements in technology. There is no reason why your living room cannot mimic a casino. In fact, many Canadians are adding their own mini bars to these setups as well as pictures of hot casino women on the wall to add to the flavor. Perhaps the only thing missing is the live waitresses walking around but with live casino dealer options and some added virtual reality this setup is priceless. Expect to pay around $1000 for a really good setup and about half of that for something basic, and note that unlike other applications this investment can be used for a multitude of purposes. Add this to the mix and play trusted casino sites like Royal Vegas or Spin Palace and you are all good to go for the ultimate real money casino experience.

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