Apple Watch Gambling – The Smart Watch Casino Experience

Out of all the smart watch casinos that exist on the market these days our favorite has to be the Apple Watch. Not only does it have a highly scratch-resistant surface that can pretty much rub against any tough surface and not be affected, it also sports a wide variety of bands and colors to personalize your character. Additionally, the built-in apps meant for tracking one’s health and fitness progress are among some of the most advanced in the market, as they use professionally designed Apps from Apple’s software team that are personalized and formatted for the iOS device to bring about optimal performance and tracking results.


The first-generation Apple Watch so far only comes equipped with built-in Apps and is not accessible to third-party developers for allowing consumers to download Apps from the market. There could be several reasons for this but is most likely centralized around performance compatibility since the device is new and limited in its performance. Outside Apps could potentially run less than at optimal experience and therefore give the device a bad wrap in the market. In turn, sales would drop and Apple’s image could potentially be deteriorated.


Given this development consumers are left with the choice to either accept this or find a way to jailbreak the device. Software developers not associated with Apple have already begun undertaking this task and are bringing iOS to the device much like an iPhone as depicted in the above link. For the 1.5-inch device, accessing the web without a customized App simply looks weird as the formatting is wrong but it is nevertheless possible, which means that platforms and websites that were previously not accessible to the Apple Watch user are now out on the market and ready to be used.


Online casino gamblers and gamers alike can make use of this for playing the latest games from vendors such as Royal Vegas, including slots and keno. In fact, due to the watch’s Wi-Fi connection that is built-in as well as Bluetooth connectivity features this means players can access any of the real money platforms on the web such as Royal Vegas. Commands on the device include both touch and spoken, which means you can use both you hands and voice to activate casino options such as reel spins and blackjack hands. With live dealers you can also communicate with them by sending voice activation messages and open live camera feeds in which it seems as if you are communicating with a casino staff member in person.


The Apple Watch is expected to become compatible with third-party software in 2016 when the third version is released. The second-generation, which is expected to release in the third quarter of 2015, will highly resemble the first generation device in terms of size, weight and overall scratch resistance due to the sapphire screen. Apple may throw in a few new features in terms of Apps, but in fact most market observers believe the company is struggling to find its niche within the smart watch market.


We firmly believe that Apple should team up more with other industries to see what market demand potentially exists instead of always trying to create it. While this strategy works well for other devices such as the iPad and iPhone, a new device such as a watch that has a minimal-size screen and limited functions can only make a dent so far in the market without the help of a larger ecosystem to push it forward.


The gambling industry ecosystem meanwhile appears to have saturated and can only go so far with the current device model setup, as smartphones, tablets and PCs have been the dominant driver of growth over the past decade. The gambling industry needs new applications to push it forward but if vendors are not aware of the market potential then they may steer away from making compatible devices that can both push forth their sales as well as related software developers.


This trend can be seen in Apple’s lagging Apple Watch sales, which dropped over 60% in the second quarter of 2015 due to the time period traditionally being as a slowdown in the market coupled with lagging developments for the device. There is not enough transparency in terms of the value it can bring to peoples’ lives and Apple still needs to work through the marketing details before pushing it more into the market.


For now, if you happen to have an Apple Watch you can make use of its features for online casino playing on the go. We believe the device is a great way to keep up with your online gambling fun without seeming suspicious, especially at the work place. By simply staring at your watch as if you were glimpsing the time you can spin reels and play roulette in complete secrecy without the boss even knowing it. The device doesn’t look conspicuous like a smartphone being used at the office and is much lighter, cheaper and flexible for casino playing as well as overall managing one’s daily affairs.


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