Siri as a Casino Advisor – Your Best Gambling Advisor

Have you ever caught yourself wondering about something related to an online casino game, casino rules or the latest gambling news in the industry but didn’t know where to look for legitimate answers? Luckily for you there is a feature that can answer all of these through generation and access to data across the web via Apple’s well-known Siri platform.


Siri is well know for being asked questions such as “How do I get from point A to B?” or “What is the latest weather update?” However, many people do not take advantage of its ability to capture the latest news, industry trends and status of various niche markets for enhancing your daily access to information. The platform in fact was made by top engineers at Apple who created advanced algorithms for pinpointing accurate resources based on user preference and questions. It was also made to filter out garbage on the Internet and weed out information that is otherwise not useful to the user.


For the gambling fanatic who wants to know what the latest news in the industry at land-based casinos, sports betting platforms and odds, or the latest developments related to online casinos, Siri can help you fish out the best results simply by turning the voice command on and stating either a question or a command. Siri then accesses the World Wide Web in an instant and sends back information to you via voice control. Often when we are driving and want to hear about what sports odds to gamble on or what kind of casino we should play at on the weekend we make use of this application in order to multitask while driving and get all the information we need while on the go.


We also make use of this function while we using out iPhone to navigate the web and are unsure which new online casino we should try. Aside from the fact that we review and try out new casinos ourselves, we also like to read on other opinions ourselves. Instead of going through hundreds of web pages to try and find out which ones work best we instead look to Siri and ask her to recommend a casino. Within seconds she spits out the latest results and can even further divide which casinos are best based on preferences for games such as Blackjack or Poker. This saves us a lot of time, as we do not have to scuffle through the documents ourselves. Additionally, we make use of this trusted algorithm to lead us in the right direction due to its safety and security measures it has for filtering poor or faulty information.


Siri can also direct us to an online casino while we are busy and sign us in if we want. There are smart sign-in features for casinos such as Platinum Play that can simply be accessed by saying command features as well as options for Siri to take over in commands during games. Say, for example, you are driving a car and want to make slot reels during that time. By telling Siri to “Spin” you can have her automatically take over for you instead of having to give up your eyes and fingers on the road.


The Siri technology can also access your browsing history and let you know which sites you reviewed related to the latest online casino games. Perhaps you read something and thought it was of value but later forgot where you had seen it. In this situation, Siri can let you know which sites were frequented the most and which ones fit the match of you description based on what is revealed to Siri. The technology really simplifies things and lets you feel secure in making an accurate decision.


What we tend not to let Siri dictate is the information it could receive in regards to our banking information. If we happen to make some money on a casino game we feel that it is best to shut off Siri and let our own thumbs dictate how that money gets sent to us. Letting any kind of voice activated platform know your financial information is prone to accidents and high security threats if your phone gets stolen so it is best to leave that information out of the mix. Instead, take the few seconds and make your deposit or withdraw using your own means instead of relying on this technology. While it has many advantages, trusting in it could be of harm.


Overall, we see Siri as a great way to enhance and simplify your online casino experience via means of voice controls and commands, and while it is not promoted by the gambling industry as a value-added feature we do think it provides plenty of real value for the real money player looking for a new and improved way to play.

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