Behavior that is frowned upon at Canada casinos

The best thing about online casinos is that no one is watching you play. This means wherever you play or whatever time there are no constrictions. This also means if you choose to do so in a night robe, in a space suit or at a swimming pool the online machine will not differentiate. These aspects give online gamblers a huge advantage over land-based casinos, as well as the ability to express one’s gambling excitement for freely.


If you were to do any of the above-mentioned aspects this could very well get you thrown into jail and locked away for years. Casino halls in Canada are loose about some things but when it comes to gamblers in bathrobes and inappropriate or revealing attire they draw the line. While most people make it a point to get dressed up and look good for a night on the town there are some who simply don’t care or take it too far.


Some casino halls are also strict about the type of food or drink you bring into a casino. Most competitions for poker or blackjack require that players do not chew gum or tobacco while playing. In fact, chewing tobacco or other seeds that need to be spit out are not allowed in Canada casinos in order to maintain cleanliness and respect for other people attending the casino.


Casinos are also supposed to frown upon alcoholism within their facilities but often ignore this. If a player is playing a game such as baccarat or blackjack with a dealer they are allowed to have as many drinks as they want provided they do not cause a disturbance. Some players in casinos will get too drunk and will begin smashing machines or yelling obscenities that others find offensive. During this time security usually asks the player to calm down or leave the premise, a scenario that happens almost on a daily basis in some Canadian casinos.


Casino players are usually forbidden to bring outside food, which includes greasy foods such as fries. The reason for this is because casinos want to maintain restaurant sales as well as keep their facilities maintained. If other people were to bring in food that caused a mess or slot machines to become greasy etc. there would be a negative reaction among other players. Aside from water this is why you typically do not see players munching on outside goods unless they snuck them inside.


Other behavior that is typically frowned upon is large groups assisting a player in making gambling decisions. There is no shortage of people who stand around and observe certain players gamble but unless it is games like roulette that is based on chance this is sometimes illegal. In a game such as blackjack there is a risk the casino might accuse you and a group of people of card counting. While it’s not spoken directly up front at the game there are some casino rules that stipulate players are not allowed to communicate with one another during a tournament or game, and that remaining quiet is necessary.


Other behavior that casinos cannot discriminate against is the partners people bring with them. Regardless if one is heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual etc. the casino has no right to turn away a player unless the player and the partner are causing a disturbance in accordance with other rules. Casinos also cannot forbid people from taking phone calls during slots games but can do so during poker and blackjack. Talking on the phone during a game is considered to be rude and against casino policy as it is considered an outside disturbance as opposed to talking with someone who is located in the casino with you. Talking on the phone slows down the flow in which casinos deal cards with players, and hence can affect the overall business of the casino. Likewise, pages, faxes, or any sort of browsing on a device during a game are also not allowed.


One rule in a casino that is flexible and largely depends on the context is praying. Some Canadian casinos have reported tourists from China as praying to the God of Wealth during various poker tournaments by lighting incense and bowing on the ground. The incense factor used to be ok when smoking was allowed in certain facilities but then became illegal as casinos aimed to ban indoor smoking. Bowing meanwhile was considered ok as long as it was not blocking anyone’s walking path or another player’s access to a casino game.


Lastly, taking pictures inside Canadian casinos is also forbidden. There are many explanations regarding why this is so but the main believed reason is in order to prevent cheating. Even at slots machines players will be asked to put away a camera if they take on out, and typically will be asked in a polite way without ramifications. However, if a player continues the same behavior he or she may be asked to leave the premises. Taking pictures with secret devices such as smart glasses or a built-in secret camera during other games meanwhile could get you arrested or fined.

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