Cheesy Clothes Found in Canada Casinos

When we think of casino halls not only do we think of all the fun slots games, free drinks and lack of windows, we also think of weird dealers, crazy characters and to top it all off cheesy clothes worn by gamblers who are looking to make a stake for themselves in the casino.


In local casinos in Ontario, the old-fashioned visor in fact is still around and is being used in poker rooms where individuals play both against each other and against the house in real money situations. Some of the more serious gamblers in fact know this is cheesy but want to maintain a strict poker face in order to fool their opponent. In contrast, large-size, dark sunglasses are worn to battle this coupled with other drooping-like hats such as baseball caps or even cowboy hats.


If that weren’t enough, some players enjoy wearing parkas or large-size coats to prevent the opponent from seeing their body movements. In poker, many people are concerned about facial expressions but the even smarter ones are aware of their bodily movements and how those give away secrets to other players. Therefore, wearing larger garments that cover the body are becoming a new thing among players but they require security checks as to prevent any kind of cheating the player may be trying to cover up.


Cushions for the seats are now being placed under the pants and trousers of various casino players opting for gambling halls in Canada. Some casino chairs get uncomfortable after long periods of sitting and therefore gamblers are bringing their own cushions and even increased padding for their clothes to keep their rear end comfortable and soft. Players do not want to be distracted due to discomfort and like any other activity you need to stay relaxed to achieve, which requires comfort and concentration.


In terms of concentration, some players try to break this on other components by wearing brightly colored or distracting clothes that have images or uncommon arrays of colors smashed together. Casino players can be seen as wearing brightly designed tie-die shirts in addition to shorts with almost-named women in order to distract their opponent. Bright colors and sex is supposed to make other players lose their train of thought according to some casino analysts but most of the top players do not seem to be concerned about this.


Customized casino suits that mimic move characters like James Bond are also becoming normality for casino enthusiasts. Dressing up like an undercover agent who looks like a multi-millionaire is what everyone want to show off or pretend to be at casinos in Canada these days, as it is almost a fashion trend to do so. Adults still like to pretend to be something they are not, like a kid on Halloween, and casinos give them the opportunity to display this.


We do not see much difference on the female side of things. Women typically like to show off their bodies as much as possible and at casinos it is no different. Women know men are drawn to skimpier outfits that are revealing, and play on a male’s weak points by flirting with him even at the casino during a game, including poker. This method, which dealers also use, highly distracts men and it is due to the fact that men believe the women will somehow like them if they ease up that they back off on a casino game. Women wearing skimpy outfits to a casino in some ways should almost be illegal, and if men weary goofy clothes to distract them it doesn’t seem to have the same effect.


Canada casinos see these trends about as much as Las Vegas, although it is much more apparent in LV. Meanwhile, other casino dwellers come dressed in all sorts of outfits ranging from casual to fishing and hunting clothes after a day of outdoors activity. Most casinos in Canada are casual about their dress codes, which means there is room for the most casual of casual clothes but also the cheesiest of all cheesy apparel.

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