Windows 10 is not Doing The Gambling Industry Any Favors

With the release of Windows 10 in July 2015, many market observers are expecting to see a revolutionized way in the way it will shape PC performance, increase smartphone, tablet and notebook sales, as well as provide value-added features to upcoming products and industries including the online casino niche. The problem with all these assumptions is they are false.


Windows regardless of its version such as Windows XP or Windows 10 is simply not designed for every device in that not every device can properly handle and make use of the performance the OS provides. One of the major reasons why notebooks from Acer and Asus experience lag and terrible viruses that get embedded into the notebook’s software ultimately leading to hardware damage is because of the lack of security and performance in the computer to begin. Windows 10 is supposed to bring value to devices but because devices themselves are locked to less-than-ideal specifications due to supply chain constraints they cannot perform as expected.


This in turn gives Windows 10 a bad rep when it comes to playing games such as online casinos that demand high performance processing and graphics. Many online gamers such as gamblers need a system they can trust that is both able to keep up with their real money gaming and provide security from malware that may affect the player’s credit card info. Windows 10, however, still faces problems with viruses and meanwhile the software will be thrown into a multitude of devices that if you are lucky will work smoothly and be compatible. Assuming that a OS will be compatible for all devices that do not run on iOS or OSX is foolish at its very best and because of this will not increase the amount of sales for Windows-based devices.


Because there is improvement or extra cooperation with hardware vendors to improve the way in which Windows is experienced on a mobile or PC device, why should we assume it will spur new PC sales? Moreover, Microsoft is not looking into the way software is ultimately leading the way in creating experience and value for customers, with hardware vendors following in suite. Windows is trying to spur hardware demand whereas it should be trying to make something that is so advanced and unique that vendors have no choice but to make devices that will push the service forward, creating business for both the software and hardware platforms.


The gambling industry, which is estimated to rake in nearly US$50 billion in 2015 in revenues, has been driven to its advancements in software. With such niches growing, hardware vendors saw a possibility to create devices that could take that online casino experience away from PC users’ living room to the outdoor world via smartphones, tablets and even smart watches. Hardware in this case played a reactionary role in helping the gambling industry grows and was supported due to the advancements in software. One of the reasons why Apple succeeds so well is due to its evolution and value for providing a completely seamless experience between its hardware and software, which is also the reason why it does not allow for OSX or iOS to be used in other brands.


Microsoft should have sat down with online industries such as online casino vendors and really asked what it is they needed and what they can do to bring their users a unique experience rather than trying to play catch up with other developers. There is no value anymore to simply upgrading features that already exist on other platforms, and this method will only be useful to people who already use Windows. Microsoft has the ability to invest in R&D with these industries and really start to be a partner with them who aims to increase cooperation and value rather than trying to take a high and mighty stance in assuming people will want to buy its new products because of some new visual improvements.


Likewise, the gambling industry could have taken a more proactive approach to working with Microsoft or other vendors to really push forth its value and visibility in the market as the industry is also no longer seeing the year-on-year growth it once did in the early 2000s. The games are still the same and the devices played on are roughly the same as well, so the industry should have taken a look at how casino experiences could be taken to the next level, such as through 3D platforms or more advanced wearable devices. Both sides have a mutual beneficial scenario should they choose to exercise it but unfortunately are not going full throttle in expanding their business models to attract new players.


Overall, Microsoft is gambling with its future and the gambling industry is placing wagers on its own recognition without the use of increased cooperation with vendors, both of which need to be improved if either want to continue succeeding in the market.

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