OS X El Capitan Casinos for the Mac Gambler

Set to be released in the Fall of 2015, the OS X El Capitan software from Apple will be the company’s next step in taking its Mac devices and connectivity with iOS devices to the next level following its revolutionary Yosemite software that has helped keep the MacBook and overall Mac family alive.


What can we expect?


Split App and screen function alignment will be featured in the new OS. This is great for the multi game casino player who wants to take advantage of either playing 2 games evenly distributed across the screen or play one while being able to access another applications such as the Internet Browser without having to fickle with its size. This feature is known as Split View and will be further integrated into iOS applications down the road.


Spotlight Voice Activation


We are really excited about this. Potentially, you will be able to find and even command tasks that were otherwise limited to typing in the past. In theory you may be able to access casino games and perform functions such as “reel” or “deal” when playing a live casino or other gambling game. This would be great for the gambler on the go who may be driving or in a situation where the hands are not the best option for playing.




We all know notes featured in iPhone and iPad devices that get saved across all iOS devices via iCloud and can all be accessed via your mailbox. However, Apple has dedicated a new OSX notes app that can be seen readily available on your desktop for you to access anything you wrote down. For the gambler who needs to place bets and keep track of any winnings or deposit amounts at casinos, this is a great feature that will give you a leg up in managing your gambling affairs.


Enhanced graphics


Apple will incorporate a new feature called Metal, which helps the graphics processor and main processor work better together to achieve enhanced viewing and graphics. Not only is this good for photographers and movie makers, but also for games such as gamblers who want to play the latest and greatest slots games or other casino games at high-quality levels that do not sacrifice a Mac device’s performance.


The results


Essentially, what this all boils down to is an improved interface that offers advanced and alternative playing methods for your Mac, especially when it comes to casino games. The gambling industry has been relying on devices and other software to help it prevent from entering the doldrums and this may be one of those key features that push forward growth in the online casino industry in addition to spurring new Apple growth. Apple and the casino industry can see a mutual benefit from this scenario and with every improved feature both industries’ value-added aspects grow and flourish.


All Mac users including those who have MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook, iMac and Mac Pro can all upgrade to this new OSX, which should come as a free upgrade even though Apple hasn’t specified it. The last OSX Yosemite came at a free upgrade as Apple saw Mac orders drop whereas before that it was typically a US$30 upgrade. If we had to gamble on something other than casinos, it is that this version will be free and readily available when Apple launches its new iPhone rumored to be called iPhone 6S.


Interestingly enough, it could be because of this tactic along with other strategies based around price adjustments and more supply chain integration that Apple has succeeded in boosting Mac shipments in 2015 while shipments of other PC products are on the decline. Nevertheless, we recommend you make the most of an Apple products and its awesome new software that will surely provide enhanced user experience and even increased casino fun should you use it for such.

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