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This truly is a mobile world. We can stay connected at all times, with the internet and a world of information at our fingertips. If we feel peckish when we’re out and about, we can use them to find the best restaurants; if we’re stuck on long train or plane journeys, we can pass the time by watching a film or listening to music.

It has been suggested that around three-quarters of the world’s population owns a mobile phone, and the vast majority of these are smartphones. When you factor in the booming tablet market, we can safely assume that there are at least 5 billion people out there who are connected on the go.

One of the industries that has boomed thanks to the advent of these devices, is the online gambling industry. It has always been popular with gamblers and with those looking for some quick and easy fun, but there was a subset of society who couldn’t help but see it as a seedy and almost sleazy thing to do — with gamblers stuck in dark rooms, tapping away on desktop computers as they waved goodbye to their savings. That is definitely no longer the case though and now at least three quarters of all adults from developed nations have tried online gambling in one form or another.

With so many online casinos out there, many of which have mobile apps, which ones are worthy of your time? Or, to narrow it down a little, which is the best online casino out there when it comes to mobile gambling?

Royal Vegas Casino

This is by far our favorite casino, and we’re not alone in thinking that. Royal Vegas Casino is hugely popular in many countries, including Canada, Australia and large parts of Europe. This casino has been around for close to 15 years and whilst it steadily built its member base throughout much of that time, in recent years the amount of people playing on this site has gone through the roof. This is in part down to the many bonuses offered by Royal Vegas Casino, which we will get to shortly, but there are many other reasons behind this surge of new members as well.

Royal Vegas Casino uses Microgaming, which is prized by slot machine fanatics as it creates more of these games than any other developer. It also creates better games and it was actually the first developer to create progressive slots, whilst it continues to produce the best and the most generous progressive slots to this day. On Royal Vegas Casino there is actually over $10 million available to be won on the many progressive slots, along with a number of jackpots and other big prizes on other slots, virtual scratch cards, video poker machines and more.

Royal Vegas Casino also has no shortage of banking options, allowing players to deposit and withdraw using everything from PayPal and Skrill, to credit cards, debit cards and more. As good as all of that sounds though, it’s probably the bonuses that will help you to make a decision on whether or not to join this casino. Fortunately, they are not in short supply on Royal Vegas.

The Benefits of Royal Vegas Casino

There are two main ways to profit as a new player on Royal Vegas Casino. The main one of these is the new member bonus, which pays out up to $1,200 over the course of your first three deposits. There is also a number of free spins to collect, which can be used on any of the 500+ slot machines. There are 75 free spins in total, and although this bonus isn’t as much of a mainstay on the Royal Vegas Casino site as the new member bonus is, you can follow the links on this page to take advantage of it at anytime.

If you deposit using a web wallet, then you may also be able to pickup an extra 10% in bonus credits. There are 6 of these to choose from, including Skrill, but PayPal is not one of them. You can deposit with PayPal if you want, but you won’t earn the extra bonus credits for doing so. There is no limit to how many times you take advantage of this extra bonus, but there is a limit to how many credits you can get from a single deposit. However, as that limit only effects deposits of $1,000 and more, the majority of players will not care.

That’s not where the bonuses and extras end. Royal Vegas Casino also have a loyalty scheme, and because it is a part of the Fortune Lounge Group, then its members are also able to take advantage of some big promotions and tournaments, including ones that offer prizes such as cruises, holidays in the sun, sports cars and cash.

Best Offer of 2019 -$1200 Free Play-through Bonus



Royal Vegas is going crazy with their promos this month if you are a Canadian based player. They are a serious operator and accept a host of easy deposit options such as eCheck. Quick payouts, and highly recommended.