Smartwatch Casinos

The smart watch has yet to take off as well as the smartphone or the tablet, but it has found its own niche and enough smart watches are sold to make this a very viable industry.

As detractors will tell you, the smart watch only works if you have your phone nearby, and even then it can’t do anything more than connect to that phone. However, whilst that used to be the case, the modern smart watch is growing and improving, and you can do almost as much on this device as you can on your smartphone. As we shall discover in this article, you can even play slot machine games on your smart watch.


As things stand, Microgaming are currently the most popular provider of online casino software in the world. They didn’t start that way though and actually began as an online casino themselves. They soon realized that they could make more money from licensing their software to others and from focusing on improving that software, than they could from online casinos. And so Microgaming, as we know them, were born. Over time, they introduced a great number of developments to the online gambling industry, including bonus slots, progressive slots and more.

The next step for Microgaming was to create something that could work on the smart watch, and in conjunction with Royal Vegas Casino, they have done just that.

Royal Vegas Casino

This casino has been around for over ten years, and through all of that time it has been loyal to Microgaming. Royal Vegas Casino is one of the most popular and respected online casinos in the world, with members from Australia to Europe and Canada. As well as a big new member bonus, Royal Vegas Casino also has one of the most generous loyalty schemes around and as a member of the Fortune Lounge Group, it is also able to take advantage of some huge promotions. Royal Vegas Casino doesn’t have as much experience as Microgaming, but it comes closer than most, backed by a brand that has a hand in dozens of casinos and one that has existed in this industry for almost as long as Microgaming has.

They say two heads are better than one, and that was definitely true in this case. Together, Royal Vegas Casino and Microgaming created something that could allow members to do something no one imagined would be possible: play slots on their smart watch.

Slots on your Smart Watch

They have yet to generate compatibility with the entire 500+ range of slots on the Royal Vegas Casino site, but one of the most popular slots, Thunderstruck, is available. Players need to be signed up to Royal Vegas Casino and they also need to have a smart watch that has been paired with a nearby smart phone, but the slot works directly on the watch.

This may sound like a novelty, but it works very well and there are few better feelings than being able to play your favorite game on your watch as you walk down the street. The Thunderstuck slot has been shrunk down to size and it has also been simplified. There are different screens for selecting your bet amount and playing the game, and you can swipe left or right to switch between these. Whilst very small, the detail on the slot is fantastic, which means you should have no issue making out the individual images.

Of course, Thunderstruck is not the most advanced game that Microgaming have created. They wanted something simple and something that focused mainly on a base game, as opposed to a glut of random features and bonus rounds that could complicate things. However, considering smart watches have only recently hit the global markets and this slot is already available, it is surely a matter of time before they advance and improve, and before games like Chain Reactors and The Dark Knight Rises are also available on your smart watch.


There are a few downsides to this new innovation, and the main one of those is that, unlike the Royal Vegas Casino itself, it is not compatible with all devices. It needs to be an Android watch, which means that the new generation of Apple Watches will not be able to access this feature. Your device needs to run the Android Wear operating system, and whilst this does include a wide range of devices, it also excludes a number of them.

Some of the devices that will have no issue running this smart watch slot machine include the ZenWatch, which was created by Asus; the LG G Watch; the Motorola Moto 360; the Sony Smart Watch 3; and the Samsung Gear Live.

Of course, Royal Vegas Casino have always focused on increasing compatibility, which is why this is one of the few casinos that works with all iOS and Android tablets and smartphones, as well as Mac and Windows desktops and laptops. This means that it could just be a matter of time before Thunderstruck and other Microgaming slots are available on all smart watches.

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