Smart TV Casino Apps

It wasn’t too long ago when Smart TVs were very much the “in” thing, but in the rapidly advancing world of modern technology, it seems that trends die as soon as they appear and the latest products become obsolete as soon as you get them out of the box. However, there is no denying that Smart TVs were a huge advancement for multimedia and home entertainment, and one that is still finding its way onto many people’s wish list.

Among other things, a Smart TV allows the user to connect their television to the internet, after which they can run a number of apps and programs. Generally, Smart TVs have apps like YouTube installed, so that with a few clicks of a remote control (many Smart TVs are also programmed to respond to hand movements) they can watch all of their favorite channels. They can also install social media apps, before connecting peripherals such as keyboards and mice and catching up with friends through their TV set.

As Smart TVs become more advanced, their uses increase and these days there is seemingly no end to what they can do. One of the uses that has recently come to our attention is online casinos, with Smart TV owners connecting their sets to an online casino and playing through the biggest screen in their house. We’ve all tried mobile gambling, but it doesn’t get much better than relaxing in your living room with a 50 inch+ slot machine in front of you.

Not all casinos are compatible with Smart TVs, but some of the best ones are and in this article we’ll focus on our favorite online casino, which is compatible with most Smart TVs.

Royal Vegas Casino

Royal Vegas Casino is part of the Digimedia brand, which has been involved in this industry for around 15 years and has a hand in some of the biggest online casinos around. It is also a part of the Fortune Lounge Group, a collective of trusted online casinos, and it is regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority, the same guys who oversee BetFair, BetWay and a number of other big online gambling destinations.

Royal Vegas Casino uses the Microgaming software, which has some of the best slot machines around. These look fantastic on your TV, and the bigger the better. There are also live dealer games, which means that you can simulate the real casino experience in your own living room.


Compatibility has always been one of the main focuses of Royal Vegas Casino, which is why you are able to play it on your Smart TV. It is also why you can download the main casino onto your desktop or laptop whether you run Windows or Mac, and why it can be played on both Android and iOS mobile devices. Royal Vegas Casino even works with lInux and other operating systems, thanks to its instant play casino, which basically means that as long as you use one of the popular web browsers, then you’re good to go.


There are many bonuses on Royal Vegas Casino and you can take advantage of these regardless of whether you play through your desktop, your phone or your TV. The new member bonus allows you to collect up to $1,200 in free cash, which is paid out over the course of your first three deposits on Royal Vegas Casino. There are also 75 free spins to collect, which will be credited to your account along with your first deposit bonus. These free spins can be used on any of the 500+ slot machines, and every penny that you win will be yours to spend or cash-out as you see fit.

There are many other bonuses on Royal Vegas Casino, including a number that are offered by the Fortune Lounge Group. In fact, whilst the new member bonus sounds impressive, the best offers actually come from the Fortune Lounge Group, including slot tournaments, blackjack tournaments and more, with players able to win everything from a brand new sports car, to a cruise and a bag full of cash.

Banking Options

If you can think of a way of legitimately transferring money to and from an online casino account, then you can guarantee that it will be available on Royal Vegas Casino. As well as credit cards and debit cards, covering everything from Visa to MasterCard and American Express, there are also bank transfers and a huge number of web wallets. The most popular of these — as is usually the case — is PayPal, but you can also use Skrill, Neteller, Ukash and many more. In fact, if you use one of these three (or one of three other web wallets, PayPal not included) then Royal Vegas Casino will even credit your account with an extra 10%, and there is no limit to how many times you can take advantage of this.

Of course, if you don’t have accounts with those web wallets then this 10% is probably not going to tempt you, but whatever method you choose, you’re safe in the knowledge that your winnings will be processed quickly. We have never waited longer than 72 working hours to get our winnings from Royal Vegas Casino, and most of the time the money is in our account within 42 hours.

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Royal Vegas is going crazy with their promos this month if you are a Canadian based player. They are a serious operator and accept a host of easy deposit options such as eCheck. Quick payouts, and highly recommended.