Free Spins Casinos

A great way to test whether a casino is right for you, is to play with fun credits. Most casinos have these and they should let you sign up and play for free. However, for many players, us included, there is simply no joy in playing slot machines or table games when there is no real financial incentive involved.

Online casinos know this, and to get around it, many of them offer free spins to new members. These are not the new member bonuses that you have no doubt seen. They are often included alongside such bonuses though, allowing players to use the free spins first and then make a deposit, at which point they will benefit from the new member bonus.

Not all online casinos can strike the right balance here though and not all of them have games or websites that are worth your time. With that in mind, just which casinos fit the bill, which of the many online casinos out there offer the right amount of free spins, sizable new member bonuses and some great casino games on which to use them?

Royal Vegas Casino

For us this is an easy decision to make. Royal Vegas Casino has consistently proved that it is better than its competitors, offering better games, better customer support and bigger bonuses. We’ll get to the free spins and the welcome bonuses soon, but first let’s look at the basics.

Royal Vegas Casino is available to all Canadians and there is a large number of players from Canada already signed up. It’s not exclusive to Canadians of course, and Royal Vegas Casino is just as popular in Australia, New Zealand and parts of Europe.

Royal Vegas Casino has been around for a long time, offering the best of the best in all areas. This is a tightly regulated casino, overseen by the Malta Gaming Authority, a regulator that also provides licenses to sites such as BetFair, BetWay, Unibet and many others. Royal Vegas Casino is certified as safe by Entrust and it is also audited by eCOGRA, who run regular checks on the Royal Vegas Casino games to ensure that they are as safe and as fair as they claim to be.

It’s worth noting that eCOGRA have never reported any foul play from this site since they were first established. Which is the way that it should be.

The games that eCOGRA oversee are provided by Microgaming, who lead the way when it comes to slot machines, whilst also providing a range of great table games. They created the progressive slots that offer jackpots of several million dollars to all members of Royal Vegas Casino, and they also created the many video slots that offer advanced bonus rounds, generous features and much more. You’ll also find a wide range of video poker games on Royal Vegas Casino, a dozen of them in total. These range from single hand video poker to 100 hand video poker, with many different variants in between. Royal Vegas Casino also offers virtual scratch cards and live dealer games.

Free Spins and More

There is a new member bonus of $1,200 on Royal Vegas Casino, which is their primary promotion. They have offered this promotion for some time and it will likely remain on the site for a while longer. This deposit bonus is paid out over the course of your first three deposits, with a 100%, 25% and 50% matched deposit bonus respectively. That’s not all that Royal Vegas Casino have to offer new members though, as they can also pickup 75 free spins.

This is a very exclusive bonus and one that will certainly not be around for a long time. In fact, over the last few months, this bonus has disappeared and reappeared in one form or another many times. Sometimes they offer 50 spins, sometimes a little less. However, if you join Royal Vegas Casino via the links on this page, then you can take advantage of those 75 free spins whenever you want. If you’re reading this article and can see active links, then that bonus is available, so feel free to signup and take advantage of it.

If you want to get the most of out Royal Vegas Casino, then be sure to spend as much as possible on your first deposit. Basically, if you usually deposit $50 at a time and plan on making three deposits of this amount, then instead opt for a first deposit of $110, followed by two of $20. This means that you will earn a total of $112.50 instead of $90. It’s not a huge amount, but every little helps and you’d be amazed at how much this small amount can increases your chances of getting a big return.

Best Offer of 2019 -$1200 Free Play-through Bonus



Royal Vegas is going crazy with their promos this month if you are a Canadian based player. They are a serious operator and accept a host of easy deposit options such as eCheck. Quick payouts, and highly recommended.