Do Online Casino Games Cheat?

If you play on a legitimate casino, then the software that you play on should also be legitimate. At least that’s what you would hope. The truth is that even the biggest names have been known to have rigged games on their casinos. BetFred is a perfect example of this. They were found out for a game that advertised a 50% chance of winning, but when it was tested by many players, it was found to be closer to 80% in the casino’s favour.

The issue here is that BetFred used casino software that was not regulated and did not follow strict rules. In the modern age many online casinos use Microgaming or Playtech, along with a couple of other big names. These are audited by third-parties on a regular basis and they adhere to strict guidelines to ensure that all games are fair. The same could not be said for the software that was used by BetFred.

Is Microgaming Rigged?

We prefer Microgaming over any other casino software and we are not alone in that preference. This was the first casino software to offer a solution to online casinos, and from the very beginning it set itself some very strict guidelines that it has always followed. Microgaming always ensured it was audited by a third party, so that all games were checked over by someone who has no financial interest in them. In fact, Microgaming themselves also have no financial interest in how the games play out. They get paid for selling these games to the casino and do not earn any sort of commission.

The games can be tweaked by the online casinos, which can cause issues that are out of Microgaming’s hand, but that’s why you should only join online casinos that are also audited. As an example, games such as Castle Builder has been known to have been tweaked by certain online casinos so that beyond a certain point, it always pays out on the Low bonus, when the player has a choice between Low, Medium and High. This tweak was done by William Hill, the famous UK bookmaker, and reported by a player who played the game for several hours and recorded all of his findings.

Finding Legitimate Microgaming Sites

We have established that Microgaming is the way to go and that you need a casino that audits its software. Personally, we don’t trust the sports books. BetFred have been in trouble before and we’ve already pointed out where William Hill failed. These are big names and shouldn’t be scamming their customers, but whether through bad intentions or negligence, they do.

These sites operate as sports books first and casinos second, and we have never had any issues with the biggest sites that operate as online casinos first and only. Royal Vegas Casino is a prime example of this. These guys are just as big as William Hill and BetFred where online casinos are concerned, and they have been going a long time as well, but they have never been embroiled in a scandal. We haven’t even heard so much as a whisper or a suggestion that Royal Vegas is not a legitimate site.

They can guarantee this by allowing eCOGRA, the biggest independent auditor in the world, to run regular checks on their software. If there was a flaw, if there was a tweak that gave the house an unfair edge, then eCOGRA would report it and then Royal Vegas would be in a lot of trouble. There is also the fact that they are regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority, who are one of the biggest regulators in the industry.

Royal Vegas Casino

As well as being tightly regulated and as legitimate as they come, Royal Vegas also excels in other areas. Offering up to $1,200 for all new members, they have one of the biggest first-deposit bonuses in the industry, but the majority of players that join Royal Vegas don’t leave after that bonus is up. We joined this site over 5 years ago and we have never looked at that new member bonus with envy, simply because there is more money to make as a loyal customer than a new one. That’s a rarity in the world of online casinos and that’s another reason why we adore this site.

As well as regular tournaments (including slots tournaments) you can also stand to earn a small fortune through their loyalty scheme. This does pay out more to high-rollers and regular players, but even if you play small stakes and don’t hit the casino very often, you can still benefit from the loyalty scheme. In fact, as soon as you join, on top of your new member bonus and the extra 10% paid-out if you deposit using a web wallet, you will also be given a handful of loyalty points to get you going.

What more could you possibly want?

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