Comparison of Casino Detective Salaries Across the Globe

A modern casino is nothing without good security. In fact, a large portion of the employees hired by an ultra-modern casino, such as the ones gracing the skyline of Vegas and Macau, work in the security sector. They are there to monitor the doors, guard the tables and watch over the cashier area. And these are only the ones you see, because behind the scenes there are dozens of staff watching the cameras, studying footage, checking for counterfeit chips and cash, and so much more.

With so many jobs available in casino security, and with so many people keen to get involved in this industry, it’s no surprise that some of the most lucrative jobs in security are in the casino. But which job pays the highest and in which country are you likely to get the most money from doing that job?

Security Roles in US Casinos

The median salary for a Gaming Surveillance Officer in a casino (which is basically a security guard) in the US is a fraction off $30,000 a year. This equates to about $16 an hour, which is a good few dollars more than a typical security guard position outside of a casino. Those working in the supervisor and managerial roles, such as pit bosses, can expect to earn around 50% more than this, whilst those working inside the control room, studying the cameras, earn roughly the same, if not a little less. In the US, you’re probably not going to make more than $60,000 a year in this position, but at the same time you’re unlikely to earn less than $30,000, which is very good for this profession.

It also depends on where you work, because even within the US there are discrepancies. For instance, those figures were taken from the averages in Atlantic City and Las Vegas, two of the biggest gambling cities in the country. But if you work in Connecticut, in the Foxwoods Resort for instance, then a Gaming Surveillance Officer can earn an average that is closer to $45,000.

The pay in Reno is also on par with the pay in Las Vegas, but despite being three of the biggest gambling destinations in the country, it seems that the further you go away from these gambling cities, the more money you can stand to make. Whilst Connecticut is probably the highest, there have also been reports that security staff can earn more in places like Florida and California than they can in those three gambling havens. Still, it can’t be ignored that even in Vegas, AC and Reno, security staff stand to make a lot more money in the casino than they do in other areas.

Security Roles in Other Casinos

Macau has one of the world’s lowest jobless rates, with the vast majority of residents in work and only a small minority still looking for work or living off the system. However, the pay here is a lot lower than it is elsewhere. On average, casino staff in Macau get around half of what they do in Las Vegas. This applies for security staff and for other workers in the casino, including dealers. There has actually been some uproar about this in recent years as the staff have done their best to fight for better pay, but very little has come of that.

In other countries, the pay is more in line with the Untied States. In the United Kingdom and other European countries, security staff can expect to earn the equivalent of around $25,000 to $40,000 a year. Overall though, despite some of the richest casinos being in Monaco and Macau, it is regions like Las Vegas, Connecticut, Reno and Atlantic City where you stand to make the most money working as security staff inside a casino.

Believe it or not, there are also jobs available in online casinos, although the security here is a little more technical and good programming and technical skills are valued over big muscle and an intimidating stare. Still, a job for a major online casino like Royal Vegas Casino can still earn you a very good annual income, often on par with the highest paying security jobs in a land-based casino.

All in all though, this is a lucrative business and a very rewarding one to get involved with. Many workers in this industry not only get paid more than they do outside of it, but they also report better perks, better hours and generally a better working experience. Casinos have a lot of money and most of the time they are happy to use it to improve the working lives of the people that keep those casinos ticking over.

If you are in the security profession then it seems that the best career that is available to you is in a casino. Whether you’re basking in the lights of Vegas or Macau, or you’re enjoying a somewhat simpler live in Connecticut and other rural casino resorts, this is one of the most lucrative and exciting careers for security personnel.

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