Income Ratio to Online Gambling

Responsible gambling is all about finding the right amount to risk. If you gamble just $5 or $10 at a time you might think it reckless if a friend gambles in excess of $1,000 a time. However, if that friend has $5k+ in expendable income every month and you’re barely scraping enough to afford that $5 or $10, then you’re the one who appears reckless.

It’s all relative, and the right amount for you to gamble is probably not going to be the right amount for the next person. So just how much should you gamble in relation to your income?

The Right Amount

In truth, your income isn’t really the issue here. It’s your expendable income that counts. This is the amount that you have left over every month after you have paid the bills, the rent and you have fed yourself and your family. You should also set another small amount to one side to cover unexpected costs. For many, once they do this then they have very little remaining. Sometimes they might have a few dollars burning a hole in their pocket, other times they might have nothing at all and anything they gamble that month will have to come out of their credit the following month.

If you have around $1,000 left over, then you’re free to gamble up to $500 a month without worry, although even this might be considered too much. If you’re old and you have lived your life, with little point in investing for the future, then this is a perfect amount and you can gamble even more. If you’re young, you should look to gamble no more than 25% of your expendable income and then invest the rest in your future, whilst also ensuring you have a lot of money tucked away for a rainy day.

But where should you gamble that money, which casino is best suited for your budget?

The Right Casino

Royal Vegas Casino is perfect in this respect, as it is ideal for both small stake players and high rollers. Small stake players can take advantage of the low deposit minimums, which begin at just $5. There are also many penny slot games and table games that can be played for just a few cents per hand. There is even a small limit on the withdrawals, with many options to choose from as you seek to get your winnings into your account.

As for the high rollers and those that are looking to gamble a little more, you will be able to take advantage of the loyalty scheme. This is available to all players, regardless of the amount they gamble, but the beauty of this loyalty scheme is that it is very generous to high rollers. They can earn many more points that small spenders and those points can be turned into cash. In this instance, you certainly need money to make money.

The Bonuses

As well as the loyalty bonus offered by Royal Vegas Casino, you will also find one of he most generous new member bonuses in the industry. This is available regardless of your stake level and ensures that your first deposit is doubled, with the rest being paid out in bonus cash. Once you play your way through this and make a second deposit, then you will be given another 25% for free, and when you make your third deposit you stand to receive another 50%. There are limits on how much you can receive each time, but these limits are high and in total the maximum bonus you can receive as a new member on Royal Vegas Casino is $1,200.

There is also an extra 10% available every time you deposit, with no limits on how many times you receive it. The only catch is that you have to deposit using one of six web wallets, and PayPal is not one of them (although you can still use PayPal to deposit and withdraw on Royal Vegas Casino). The options are not obscure though as they include Skrill and Neteller, along with a number of up-and-coming web wallets and some fringe companies. Other options for deposits and withdrawals include credit cards, debit cards and bank transfers, although none of these offer an extra 10%.

All new members at Royal Vegas Casino will also be given a few hundred loyalty points, which should help you to take your first steps in this generous loyalty club. There are also regular bonuses run throughout the year, some of which come from Royal Vegas Casino themselves, with others offered by the illustrious Fortune Lounge Group, which Royal Vegas Casino is a part of.

Regardless of your income and your expendable income, you will be able to find a deposit and a game that suits your needs at Royal Vegas Casino.

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