Casino Training Procedures and Rituals

A casino is an advanced place. From the slot machines that pump out regular jackpots and attract all nearby players within ear-shot, to the fresh air pumped into the rooms to keep players fresh and playing for longer; the free drinks supplied to high-rollers to lower their inhibitions and to make them bet bigger and for longer; and the advanced security systems that stop fraud, cheating and theft. These are advanced, complex systems. To keep such a system running, all of the parts need to fit, which is why it is essential that the casino staff are well trained and that they follow strict practices.


Dealing cards to a handful of players whilst smiling and wearing a bow-tie may sound like an easy task, but if it was then there wouldn’t be training schools all over the world that teach the art of being a dealer or croupier. Anyone can become a dealer, but it requires some hard training and some crucial understanding, because as far as the casino is concerned, you are playing for them and you are playing with their money. The goal of a casino is not just to keep the customs happy, it’s to win money.

Some of the things that croupiers are taught include being polite and professional at all times, whilst maintaining a straight posture and immaculately presented attire. Dealers should also have good and quick mental arithmetic skills, and they should also understand the cards games that they will be playing. Of course, one of the main skills that a dealer needs is to be able to handle cards and to deal to the players without those cards flying off the table or turning over. The casinos tend to teach this, and they will also teach the croupier how to shuffle the cards in a correct manner, all whilst ensuring the players around the table do not see any of the cards.

Security Personal

This is one of the most important jobs in the modern casino and it is also one of the areas where casinos hire the most staff. From the staff working on the casino floor, to those watching the cameras in back-rooms, all security staff must have a sharp eye and an ability to read players and to tread situations. This job requires experience and it is not easy to teach. The best security staff, the ones who have been working in the job for years, can tell when a situation will turn ugly before it actually does, and they can pickup a suspicious person as soon as he walks into the casino. Such employees are vital to the workings of a casino because they reduce the levels of cheating, violence and general anti-social behaviour.

There is some training involved with this job as the casino will try to work out whether the person they are considering hiring can spot dangerous situations. They will be taught how to spot card cheats and dealers that are colluding with players. They may also be given some role-play scenarios in which they are asked to spot and monitor drunk or suspicious customers as soon as they enter the casino.

This job often goes to those with experience in the security industry, but it is not unknown for those who have no such experience to be given advanced security roles in major casinos.

Waiting Staff

Taking orders and delivering drinks in a casino is much the same as it is elsewhere, but there is more pressure and more emotion flying around, and staff are taught to deal with this. It is not uncommon for a customer to lose at the tables and to take it out on the staff serving them food and drink. In such cases the staff are told to continue to smile and act polite, all in an effort to diffuse the situation so that the security staff are not needed.

When serving drinks to customers on the casino floor, servers will also need to get used to slaloming throughout the minefield of customers that flood in and out of this room. They will also learn how to be patient and to wait for the right moment if the customer is involved in a tense hand of cards or is caught up in some other game.


This is where the money is in a casino so don’t expect to get a job here without going through some rigorous training and background checks. In modern casinos there are calculators, money counters, chip counters and counterfeit detectors, so there is no need for people employed in this role to have the look and feel of a particular casino chip committed to memory. They will have to move very fast though and will also be asked to be quick and professional even when under stress so that there are no hold ups. They may also go through role-play scenarios so that they know how to deal with difficult customers who are expecting more money than they actually won or are demanding a refund (it happens more than you would expect).

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