Online Casino Tips

Here at Real Money Casino Canada we like to think that we know what we’re doing when it comes to casino gambling. All of the gamblers that came together to create this site have been gambling in offline and online casinos for years, and we have seen a lot of games and a lot of trends come and go. We’ve seen the tables, the slots, the players and even the dealers change, but we’ve kept an ear close to the ground throughout and we to think that we have this gambling game pretty much figured out.

We were there at the very dawn of online casino gambling, when it was still a niche and when it was a few years from becoming the multi-billion dollar industry it is today. One of our very first sites was Spin Palace, which was founded back in 2001. Spin Palace is still going strong today and we are still members. Like many online gamblers this site is where we honed our craft and where we experienced the many changes that online gambling went through over the years. Because despite being there at the beginning, Spin Palace has also moved with the times, updating, improving and introducing new games, new platforms and new ways to gamble.

In this article we intend to pass on some of our advice and tips, all of which comes from years of gambling at Spin Palace and online casinos like it.

Slot Machines

Call us superstitious, call us crazy, but we have found a trend with slot machines and it is one we have discovered across the board. When we play a game for the first time, we tend to do very well. Over the course of our first hour of play we tend to see all of the game’s bonuses and features and we usually take a profit. However, as time goes on, we almost always lose. Also, when we go back to that slot machine, our luck is never the same. If we go to another, a new one, then our luck starts over.

We like to think that we’re not being afforded an easy ride just because we’re new to the game and because the casino or the software wants us to keep playing, but that could be the case. Whilst we’re not saying that we always lose on games we play a lot, we have definitely noticed that when we are new to particular game, our luck (beginner’s luck if you like) goes through the roof. So spread your play around, play as many games as you can and as soon as you hit all the feature and are in a profit, then move on.


One thing to bear in mind with online blackjack is that card counting will not work. This is why you should never make a beeline for Single Deck or Double Deck games online. These are brilliant in offline casinos, but they don’t make a difference in online casinos. There are some games that give you a better chance of winning though, and the main one is Blackjack Switch. This actually has a lower house edge than any other game of blackjack, and whilst it is starting to make its way into offline casinos, it is primarily an online came. Double Down Blackjack, which goes by many similar names, also has a low house edge. Conversely, try to avoid Jackpot Blackjack games and games of Spanish 21, as these are all weighted heavily in the house’s favour.


If you do not trust the house edges and you want a game where luck doesn’t always prevail, then you need to hit the poker rooms that are available in most online casinos, including Spin Palace. In these games you play against other players, with the casino taking a small cut from each pot, known as “rake”. This is a great way to build loyalty points and if you are a good player then you can also clean-up at an online casino. The beauty of playing poker in such places is that the competition is very weak. These are not primarily poker sites, they are gambling sites, so whilst the pots are usually high and there is usually a lot at stake. the level of play is generally very poor. Also, whilst you might think that the less you buy-in for the worse it will get, the opposite is actually true. Some big gamblers throw their money at this game and treat it like a game of bingo. Patience can beat these every time, because they easily get bored and frustrated. When in a hand with one of these, try not to get involved with their erratic “all-in” play. Don’t sink to their level. Bide your time, try to outplay them and only call their random shoves when you have a super premium hand, such as kings or aces. There are few worse feelings as a top poker player than being beaten by one of these players purely because they out-lucked you.

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